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About Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful and amazing country in Central Europe with territory 93,036 km2 and a population of about 9.8 million people. Here, the centuries-old monuments of Roman Empire are in harmony with buildings dates the reign of the Ottoman yoke, Romanesque churches, medieval castles and landscapes of pristine nature.

Hungary can boast more than 850 castles, fortresses and palaces, many of which are perfectly preserved to this day. The picturesque Lake Balaton famed for its hot springs is believed the pearl of the country.

Modern Hungary is a well-developed industrial state, which offers first-class holiday and entertaining excursions. Holiday in Hungary from the "Mouzenidis Travel" is a time spent with the benefit and interest.

Hungary has a temperate continental climate, with cold, but short winters and long warm spring and autumn. High Carpathian and Alps close Hungary from the winds blowing from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Hungary attracts tourists not only by favorable climate for recreation, but also the beautiful nature, thermal spas and wellness thermal baths.

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A popular tourist destination in Hungary is the Tihany Peninsula, divided the lake Balaton into two parts. The main attraction of Tihany - Abbey of St. Anosha, built in the classical architectural style of the Baroque. On the northern coast of the peninsula is located the Balaton National Park. It also includes a nature reserve Kis-Balaton.

Other attractions in Hungary include Mount Badochan on which lie the best vineyards of the country, the resort Balatonfüred with radon springs, cave Tapolca, the city of Keszthely with lots of architectural monuments, the town of Balatonlelle with amazing beaches, and the city of Sumeg, famous by one of the oldest castles in Europe.

Also popular among travelers choosing tours to Hungary are the next resorts and cities of Hungary such as Mischkolts, Szeged, Pécs, Veszprém, Győr, Haydusobolo, Visegrad, Nyíregyháza, Lillafüred and, of course, the beautiful capital of Hungary - Budapest.

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