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Ellin Camp Skouras Camp

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Chalkidiki-Kassandra Region
Nea Fokea
Longitude: 23.416
Latitude: 40.1242

The Ellin Camp project is being implemented at the Skouras  international sports camp.

Children from 6 to 16 years old are admitted to the camp.

At this camp each child will be given special attention.
Children will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of creativity, take part in interactive games, master classes and various competitions for the development of logic, children's imagination and creative thinking.
Counselors-animators are  great team of professionals from Russia who have already developed interesting and diverse entertainment and educational programs for different age groups of campers.

Give your child  unforgettable summer full of bright impressions, welcome to the Ellin Camp on Greece coast!

Individual arrivals  on any convenient day are possible. And below you can find departure dates from cities with attendants.

Dates of flights with attendants from Moscow

1 Arrival date 06.06.2020 departure date 20.06.2020 (15 days)
2 Arrival date 13.06.2020 departure date 27.06.2020 (15 дней)
3 Arrival date 04.07.2020 departure date 18.07.2020 (15 дней)
4 Arrival date 18.07.2020 departure date 01.08.2020 (15 дней)
5 Arrival date 08.08.2020 departure date 22.08.2020 (15 дней)

Dates of flights with attendants from Yekaterinburg

1 arrival date 06/06/2020 - 17/06/2020 (12 days)
2 arrival date 24/06/2020 - 08/07/2020 (15 days)
3 arrival date 25/07/2020 - 08/08/2020 (15 days)

Dates of flights with attendants from St. Petersburg

Arrival date 23/06/2020 - 07/07/2020 (15 days)

Please note when booking the "Ellin Camp Skouras" children's camp, the same conditions apply as in hotels, namely:

  • ARRIVAL (check in) at 14.00 DEPARTURE (check out) at 12.00

Accordingly with this schedule serving breakfast, lunch, dinner in the camp also applies.

It is mandatory for early check-in or late check-out to reserve an extra night in the camp, then children will be provided with accommodation and meals.

Distance from the beach (1)
  • >300 m

In the Ellin Camp four meals per day:

  • In the dining rooms - self-service: the leader of the group provides food on trays to children.
  • Each table is assigned to a specific room number.
  • Salads, bread, plates and cutlery on the table.
  • Counselor brings the main course to the children with a side dish.
  • You can ask for an additive.
  • On the table is a large bowl of fruit.
  • After eating, the counselor cleans the tables.


  • Milk or cocoa or tea.
  • Butter or margarine (portioned, packaged).
  • Jam or honey (portioned, packaged).
  • Oatmeal or semolina porridge, egg, or cream pie, or flakes, or rice pudding, or chocolate paste.


  • Tea time includes: a croissant or a pie, or a wafer in chocolate, or a fruit, or ice cream.

Lunch: (anything from each category is served)

  • Various soups (vegetable or meat or chicken).
  • Fried or baked (meat or chicken or fish or steak or steak) with a side dish (potato or pasta or rice) and vegetables (peas or corn or carrots).
  • Salad.
  • Water or cold tea.
  • Fruits.


  • Pasta with minced meat or pie with cheese and bacon with juice or slices of chicken with pasta or sausage with rice or steak with fried potatoes or pasta with gravy or pizza.
  • Salad.
  • Tea or water or juice
  • Fruit or Yogurt

Additional Information:

  • Food includes: fresh bread.


  • Menu of the camp was developed by a qualified team of nutritionists.


  • This team oversees the food preparation process and the distribution of ingredients used to offer high quality meals every day.


  • Camp staff can change the menu when there is good reason for this.


  • Children may ask for a “supplement” (except for ice cream, sweets, meat and fruit).


  • Cold tea is served for breakfast and lunch.

  • Children buy the remaining drinks at the buffet.

  • Also in the buffet you can buy: non-alcoholic cocktails (from 1 €), sandwiches (from 1 - 2 €), ice cream (from 1 - 2 €), bottled water (0.40 €), cookies.

  • There are drinking water taps throughout the camp (filters for the Primaro tap). If children prefer cold bottled water, then it can be purchased in a buffet (cost 0,5l 0,40 €)

Helpful information

Mini-market (buffet), 5 telephones, safe, library, amphitheater (900 seats), computer center (1 hall), 2 open pools (dimensions one pool 25m x 12.50m x 3.10m, second pool 25m x 10m x 3.10), 3 basketball courts, 2 beach volleyball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 3 football fields (2 - with grass), 2 tennis courts, 2 handball courts, 10 trampolines, mini-golf (with 12 holes), chess center, bullet shooting field (4 pax), riding center, table tennis room (8 tables), aerobics halls, 2 platforms for badminton, 4 Tibetan bridges, roller skating, art workshop, taekwondo, dance hall, climbing wall.

At the camp there is a 24/7 medical center with a Russian-speaking doctor and nurses.

Attention! all children are provided with medical care and services in accordance with the terms of insurance issued upon booking the tour or in the presence of an insurance pole in accordance with its conditions. Please note that, if necessary, children are taken to hospital for treatment. We ask all children to have a printed insurance policy with them upon arrival at the camp. The child’s health problems must be reported in advance to company employees (for this, fill out a special form to see and download the document

Guides accompanying children's groups are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol in the camp. Children are forbidden to go outside the camp unaccompanied.
It is allowed to take children out of the camp when granting parents' passports or a special certificate from the parents certified by a notary.

Sports, music, singing, national Greek and modern dances, aerobics, painting, chess, computer, theater, volleyball, basketball, football, roller skating, horse riding, flying fox, archery, cycling, zumba, parkour, yoga, water polo.

English classes are already included in the price. Lessons take place every day (except Saturday / Sunday) for about 1.5-2 hours a day. Teachers - language philologists . Primary importance is given to speaking lessons. Classes are held in classrooms. Groups are multinational. Didactic material (photocopies) are issued to children for classes.


  • underwear, towels, laundry bag, backpack, sportswear: sports shoes, shorts, T-shirts, etc.
  • everything you need for the sea: swimsuit, towels, sneakers, hat, etc.
  • personal hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, soap, washcloth, etc.
  • warm clothes: jacket or pullover.
  • balls, rackets, books and musical instruments as desired. The camp administration kindly asks not to take expensive watches, cameras, electronic games, CD players, etc., and also not to take a lot of personal belongings (one small suitcase) and is not responsible for their loss.


  • Kids should have a bag with him for used clothes. Camp Skouras does not provide laundry services.
  • Upon request, for an extra charge of about 7 euros for 5 kg of clothes, laundry services are organized outside the camp.

DAY SCHEDULE (the program may vary depending on the needs of each group, after consultation with the administration of the camp):

  • 8:00 - wake up
  • 8:15 - morning exercises 
  • 9:30 - breakfast
  • 10:00-12:00 - sea / sport
  • 12:00-12:30 - shower, rest
  • 12:30-13:15 - creative workshops
  • 13:15-14:45 - lunch
  • 14:00-16:00 - quiet hour / English language by groups
  • 16.15-18:00 - sea / sport
  • 18:00-19.30 - dinner
  • 19:30-20:00 - preparation for the evening event
  • 20:00-21:00 - Evening event «Ellin Camp»
  • 21:00 - 22:00- International event
  • 22:00-22:30 - reflection in the detachment
  • 22:45 - bed time


  • For 15 children is provided one free accommodation and transfer for the accompanying.
  • Accommodation accompanying separately from children with other accompanying.
  • Issued linens.
  • Children bring towels by themselves, including beach ones.
  • For children day trips and excursions for an extra charge are offered during their stay in the camp. The cost of each trip is from 50-70 €. Schedule of excursions and trips can be obtained from the representative of the Ellin Camp Mouzenidis Group in the camp or see an approximate description >>

    *Attention! We ask parents to give pocket money and some amount to kids for trips during the stay .


Chalkidiki peninsula (Kassandra), Afitos village.
75 km from the airport "Macedonia", Thessaloniki.

Territory is fenced and guarded.

Board Basis

Full Board

Room description

Bed - Room 7+1 pax

Accommodation in cozy bright houses with a terrace and a private entrance. In each room: comfortable bunk beds, wardrobe (shelf), where you can put clothes, toiletries and beach items. All houses have a shower, toilet, washbasin, portable fan. The houses are cleaned once a day (wet cleaning in the shower and toilet). The order in the room is maintained by the children themselves. Accommodation for children in the house for 7 people + 1 counselor, which is placed with the children in the house. Bed linen is provided. Children bring towels, including beach towels.

Accommodation in cozy bright houses with a terrace and a private entrance. Rooms amenities: comfortable bunk beds, wardrobe (shelf), where you can put clothes, toiletries and beach items. All houses have a shower, toilet, washbasin, portable fan. The houses are cleaned once a day (wet cleaning in the shower and toilet). The order in the room is maintained by the children themselves. Accommodation for children in the house for 7 people + 1 counselor, which is placed with the children in the house. Bed linen is provided. Children bring towels, including beach towels.


EllinCamp Children's Camp is a real fireworks display of various events, sports and educational games, excursions that will allow not only to show all facets of talent, but also to find your own business and meet like-minded people from all over Europe.
Daily theater and discos

Bright theatrical performances, musical evenings and dance performances make every evening all the guests of the camp real actors, musicians and directors, let you try yourself as the stars of the stage and act in a real ancient Greek amphitheater! And after a successful performance, it's time to have some fun. Fun discos by the pool or on the beach with bonfires, dances and games are waiting for you.
EllinCamp will not let anyone get bored, on its green territory, surrounded by blooming flower beds and olive trees, every little guest will find entertainment to their liking.

Sports grounds

Children can not live without movement and active games, so in the camp EllinCamp - Skouras you will find a wide variety of sports fields for every taste.

  • 3 outdoor pools (25m x 12,50m x 3.10m, 25m x 10m x 3.10, 25m x 12,50m x 3.10m)
  • 1 children's pool / jacuzzi
  • 1 11x11 football field with natural surface
  • 2 football fields 8x8 with natural coating
  • 2 5x5 football fields with artificial turf
  • 3 fields for beach soccer
  • 7 basketball courts
  • 1 mini basketball court
  • 4 volleyball courts
  • 2 mini volleyball courts
  • 2 beach volleyball courts
  • 4 tennis courts
  • 2 badminton courts
  • 2 closed rooms (8x10, 10x12)
  • Playground for zumba / aerobics
  • Platform for tae kwon do 250m
  • athletics (obstacles, sandbox, dart, shot, 150 meters)
  • 10 table tennis tables (ping pong)
  • Mini golf
  • Trampolines
  • Horseback riding
  • Bicycles
  • Roller skating platform
  • Art workshop
  • Chess Center

Group sports programs

For those who love dancing and doing sports in groups, the following group classes are held:

  • yoga,
  • zumba,
  • dance programs
  • aerobics.


The camp’s little guests have at their disposal 2 open-air pools, where you can simply swim or take part in water polo competitions.
Sizes of pools: 25m x 12,50m, 25m x 10m, depth - 3,10m

Horseback riding

There is a riding center in the camp, where everyone who is accompanied by the center’s employees will be able to try himself as a real rider.


The vast territory of the camp is ideal for exciting cycling. Taking a bike, guests of the camp will be able to explore all its paths and unexplored corners.

Roller skating

Beginning rollers and professionals will be able to appreciate the beautiful tracks of the camp, and the provided protective equipment will take care of the safety of riding.


As in any Greek policy in the  EllinCamp has its own amphitheater. Here young talents will be able to reveal their artistic abilities and try themselves in theatrical productions.

Bullet and Archery

Fans of shooting, we offer to go to the field for bullet shooting (for 4 people), where you can try yourself in accuracy. And those who dream to be in past eras and feel like a real warrior will be able to compete in archery.
A little extreme: parkour, climbing and riding a flying fox cable
For the most active guys, we prepared a platform for parkour, alpine walls (14 and 8 m.), skiing on a suspension cable and 4 cable Tibetan bridges.

Creative workshop

Try yourself in the role of artists, make incredible crafts with their own hands and children can discover their creative talents in a special workshop that has everything you need for an unlimited flight of fantasy.

Chess Center

Here future geniuses can learn the basics of a chess game and compete in this intellectual sport.

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