Terms of reservation and purchase air tickets


For the safe implementation of your transactions and early knowledge of legal terms of this website please devote some time to read the stated terms.

Reservation of airline tickets

In order to proceed with an on-line air ticket booking of the desired flights, you should chose a flight and the dates you wish to travel in the relevant table. For assistance regarding the way of air ticket booking please see here. When you complete the reservation you receive your reservation code, which is necessary for the control and payment. For issuance of ticket, except of the terms and the ways of payment stated above (see here), you will need to provide (in case of receipt of your ticket from one of the offices listed below) / to fill in (if electronic version ticket) the following:

  • requested in the corresponding field ID personal details (consult with the competent persons form MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL and make sure that your participation in the desired flight is allowed using ID) alternatively, requested from the corresponding field passport details. It is noted that the completion of the data is mandatory in capital letters, entering your details in roman characters and exactly like those are mentioned in your ID/ in your passport.
  • Name and telephone number of the person making the reservation.

CAUTION: The reservation with false data and the completion of false travel documents is the sole responsibility of the User, with no possibility of system to verify the correct electronic supplement to complete the requested data! We recommend you to consult with the competent employees of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL for the proper completion of your personal data, for valid and required travel documents by competent public Authorities and bodies. In any case the late reporting of errors and deviations shall not entitle cancellation your reservation- purchase.

Regulations on Reservation and Cancellation of the tickets

The ticket reservation can be considered as confirmed and completed only after final confirmation of the reservation system of this website. The ticket is issued upon full payment of the relevant cost.

MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL provides the ability to have on hold your reservation. Tickets booked in on-line system of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL are payable:

  • within 48 hours from the confirmed reservation, if the confirmation was done at least 4 calendar days before the booked departure date.
  • Within 24 hours from the confirmed reservation and in any case before the mandatory date and time of travel, if the journey is to take place in less than four calendar days alternatively in less than 24 hours.

CAUTION: In case you do not meet the indicated payment deadlines, the booking is automatically canceled.

Infants aged 0-2 years do not pay the full cost of seat in the airplane, while children 2-12 years have a regular position on the plane, paying the full cost of the ticket. If the child at the moment of departure is below 2 years, while at the return has completed the second year of age, the cost of the ticket is paid upon return. After issuing the ticket is not refundable. The ticket changes are made under the following charges:

  • Change of the itinerary is allowed only for destinations related to the same country until 24 hours before departure and to change of the date of departure before seven days, if changing the date of departure of the itinerary you choose. Fee of 40 euro for the ticket plus difference of the possible flight.
  • Change of departure date on a date earlier than the original made until 24 hours before departure. Fee of 40 euro.
  • Change of departure date at a later date made until 3 days before departure. Fee of 40 euro.

The choice of a specific seat on the plane is done under the following charges:

  • Reservation of any seat in the airplane in the first row. Fee 30 euro.
  • Reservation of any seat in the airplane except the first row. Fee of 10 euro.

The above cancelation and changes policy may be amended by the company. It is recommended previous contact with the company.

The airline has every right to change the pointed in the ticket time and date of departure. For this reason, we recommend you to contact, in order to confirm the time of departure 24 hours before the pointed in the ticket time. The passenger should come to the ticket check-point at the airport at least 2 hours before departure in order to timely pass all the necessary control procedures. To be able to travel abroad, the passenger should have all the necessary and valid, by destination country, documents, as issued by the official Government of that country, including visa or residence permit, for entry and legal stay and residence in that countries. For timely possession of all the necessary for this purpose documents, please contact promptly and in any event before booking of each ticket, with the competent authorities of the foreign country. The non-possession of the necessary documents for the trip in no case constitute a reason of cancellation and refund of the cost paid to MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL. The same applies in the event when the company employee or any other person (authorized partner, third member , etc.) informs the traveler about the required travel documents, it is clarified that any such assistance in no way entail responsibility of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, exempting the company from any liability that control consisting of providing information on these documents is only obligation of official authorities of the destination country (including the consular authorities). The airline executing flight, alternatively MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, where they are authorized by the airline has the right not to allow the passenger to travel if he/she does not have all the necessary valid documents and the passenger is fully liable for this.

If the passenger is late for the flight or has not been authorized to travel on the flight, the ticket is not canceled also is not changed the date of travel.

It presumes that the passenger is late for the flight

  • if he/she does not appear on time for ticket check-in point before it is closed. Termination time of check–in time is determined by the respective airline.
  • if he/she does not appear on time at the boarding gate until its termination. Boarding time termination is set by the respective airline.

Also the passenger may be not allowed to travel due to decision of customs or police, if violated the regulations of these services, relating to the transfer of passengers and luggage. If the passenger does not appear at the airport (as a result of NO-SHOW), the Company has the right to cancel the reservation for the remaining itinerary.








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