General terms on the transaction of on-line tour reservation


For the safe implementation of your transactions and early knowledge of legal terms of use of this website, please devote some time to read the stated terms




The General Conditions of on-line reservations regulate the liabilities and obligations of the Client, on the one hand, and of the Company, on the other hand.

By Client is meant hereinafter, with regards to institutions or Companies, that cover financial matters, members, students, employees or others who have any relationship with them and with whom they are jointly responsible for compliance and acceptance of the following terms.

Each traveler and co-traveler covered financially by any institution as well as those participating through Companies, Associations, Unions, Schools and other institutions, accept automatically through their participation, also the terms below, which each institution put before them for reading and for which the acceptance is presumed with the completion of the reservation by the institution.

It is noted that the term “travel package” means the pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following: transportation, accommodation, the other tourist services not related and additional to transportation or accommodation and represent a significant part of the travel package, if the said provision exceeds 24 hours or includes overnight accommodation and offered at a total price.

The reservation of a single service (for example only stay) at no time is deemed within the concept of the package.

In "special trips" as Exhibitions trips, Corporate travel, Conferences, Skiing destinations, Sporting events, cruises and total charters and others described in specific trips, travelers are bound with the valid special strict financial terms.

The cancelation fee in the above cases reach up to 100% of the prices, and the enrollment and cancellations deadlines are done much more early. The final price and the valid travel schedule is considered the one received by traveler and described or attached to the receipt of full payment (contract).

Reservations *: For a valid reservation it should be paid the deposit of 50% of the price of the chosen reservation within an exclusive deadline of 24 hours from completing of the online reservation. The online reservation confirmation, should be received by the Customer within 24 hours from the depositing of the above mentioned prepayment amount, to the declared electronic mail (email).

The Customer shall DIRECTLY control the correctness of confirmation data and to inform the Company without delay about any errors and deviations from the original reservation.

Errors and deviations which will be reported after 48 hours are not taken into account, also there is no right of withdrawal from the Contract. In the absence of such confirmation the Customer applies to the Company.

It is clarified that the reservations via telephone do not bind the Company to reserve the places. The total price of the selected reservation is obligatory paid until the 15th day (23:59) before the scheduled departure. The completion of the reservation is conditioned upon acceptance of these terms by the Customer.

In any case, reservations can be accepted since the existence of the on-line offer of each trip, until the running out of the number of participants. Taking into consideration possibility of delay in updating of the web site due to the existence of technical errors (as an example errors in the information transmission via web browser) it is recommended to contact the company to confirm the seat availability of the chosen trip.

Obligations and Liabilities of the company

The Company is obliged to coordinate and execute in the best possible manner the trips available to travelers, mediating between travelers and all the third parties providing services which constitute trip (carriers, hoteliers, agents etc.), but without having a direct control over them and not bearing responsibility.

The Company is not liable for errors and omissions of the third parties and partners, for irregularities in the provision of services and to emergency situations (force majeure) such as: cancellations, delays or changes of route, transport means of any kind (airplanes, ships, cars, trains etc.), errors and delays in the transmission of electronic information (as an example completion and acceptance of reservation), due to the power cut and failure of the electronic booking process, an information relay error through the selected web browser and any interruption of this session and in general in situations that do not arise from acts or omissions.

Also is not liable during the trip for: loss of money, objects, documents, luggage and any damage, for life accidents, diseases, epidemics, organic disruptions due to the local conditions, altitude, climate, cleanliness or nutrition, injuries or hardships due to war, coups, terrorist acts, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics, toxic infections and other related causes or actions or states.

The Company is not liable before the traveler for compensation for any damage to the latter due to non-performance or improper performance of the contract, unless caused by own fault.

If you have reason to complain while you're on a trip you should notify any tour leader (in travel packages) or our local representative or the hotel, alternatively on your return and within the deadline of seven days directly to the Company.

The Company and the Traveler promise to resolve in good faith any dispute that may arise. In case of disagreement, applicable is Greek law and the competent courts of Thessaloniki.

Obligations and Liabilities of the Client

The Client bears the sole responsibility for the proper use and display of data in the on-line system. Similarly the use of Clientn's credit card rests solely on his/her own responsibility and diligence.

During the trip, the Client is responsible for the purchase, declaration and the authenticity of the declaration of tourist or other currency in the Greek or foreign customs authorities and other values or objects that he/she carries.

If the Greek authorities do not allow the Client to leave Greece, for example due to the inaccurate declaration of currency or there is a public prosecutor ban, then the Client is not entitled to get money refund.

The Client is obliged to study the travel program in details in which he/she eventually will participate, or in accordance with the reservation, the services provided by the chosen hotel. The acceptance of these terms and the subsequent completion of the reservation presume acceptance thereof.

The punctual arrival during the departure of the trip (to both the initiation and termination thereof) as well as the timely arrival and departure to and from the Hotel is the sole responsibility of the Client, which necessarily must be informed about any change in hours of program implementation (including changes in planned departure flights) 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

The late appearance exempt the Company from any liability for compensation. In case if the Client interrupts his journey on his own decision and leaves the group, he is not entitled to any further service or compensation and the responsibility and expenses of any movement out of the group is exclusively borne by him/her.

Passports / Visas and health formalities

Each traveler is responsible for validity, securing and keeping the travel documents required for the trip (passport, visa, vaccination certificate, migration permit, visa etc.).

Before completing any reservation the Client is obliged to contact the Company regarding the provision of general information concerning the travel documents required for his/her reservation (including passport, visa, any required medical examinations).

The Company is not liable for any delay or inability of issuance of necessary documents. All participants of the organized trips abroad are obliged to have a valid passport.

The period of visa validity is estimated at least 14 days prior to departure. In any case, the Customer should be informed through the competent Greek or consular authorities. Any health formalities required are included in each program. It is noted that the reported information is addressed to Greek passport holders only. In countries under the Schengen Agreement, you can travel with your ID if it was not issued more than ten years ago and is not valid due to the fact of marriage. The traveler is liable for the validity of all personal travel documents (passport, ID).

Special attention is required in case of minor travelers who should be necessarily provided with travel documents / passports. Holders of foreign passports must inform the Company.

The travelers are required to check with the embassies of their countries if they need a visa (Visa), for countries that they intend to travel. Any assistance carried out in relation to the issuance of the travel documents or visas (Visa) mentioned above, does not mean that the company bears liability and obligation for their obtaining. The failure to obtain and to present to the authorities travel documents, valid (passport, visa, work permits, etc.) does not constitute force majeure for trip and cancellation of the trip for these reasons is subject to the cancellation provisions. Travelers are responsible for the actions of children accompanied by them and must continuously supervise throughout the trip their safety and behavior.

Exercise of the program

Our company strives for better and more consistent implementation of programs for excursionists. Unforeseen situations though, can create imperative variation of the program before departure or during the trip.

Before the departure of the trip, our company reserves the right to modify the program of the tour and to adjust its value. In this case the Customer can cancel his/her participation and he /she will be provided with the money refund of the amount equal to his/her prepayment without any other claims.

If the price was increased due to different rate of foreign currency or due to fare increase up to 10% on the selling price, in this case the cancelation without charging cancelation fee is not justified. Our company has the right to cancel any trip for reasons it deems appropriate (objective difficulties, limited participation, etc.) without obligation to pay compensation, except of the refund of amounts received. During the trip the captain has the right to make changes if it is to face some extraordinary event or force majeure. So if for any of the above reasons of force majeure, the excursion in progression is interrupted and excursionists repatriated, our company makes every effort to refund to them the cost of the services which were not provided by the beneficiaries (hotels, transport). Air trips are executed with economy class seats and are based on group fares, which require certain minimum number of participants (which vary by destination) and are subject to residence restrictions and stopovers. Airlines can modify the routes of assigned departures of excursions without a prior notice. Any change in the time of flight of the airline from morning to noon or afternoon and vice versa, as well as any change in boarding time in road tour bus is not considered a program change. All extraordinary expenses (additional nights, meals, transport, etc.) are carried out by travelers, provided that their forecast is impossible by nature.

Services provided

  • Flight tickets. Air trips are executed with economy class seats and are based on group fares, which require certain minimum number of participants (which vary by destination) and are subject to residence restrictions and stopovers. Airlines can modify the routes of assigned departures of excursions without a prior notice. In no event our company is entitled to make an impact on airlines to reduce any intermediate stops and waiting interval of the connection.
  • Hotels / Accommodation. All the used by the company accommodations have legal and valid operation permit as required by the competent authorities of the host country. The choice of accommodation is done using criteria of their location and of services offered, combining the best possible price, depending on the category as it relates to the description of each excursion. The hotel category listed (A luxury, etc.) complies with the tourism body of the country to which they belong. But because there are no internationally accepted uniform criterion for this classification, it is natural that it differs between the various hotels, even if they belong to the same category. There is no uniform international classification of hotels. In a very general way it was accepted the use of stars: 2 * = Tourist,  3 *=B category 4 * = A category 5 * = Luxury. The rooms of most hotels around the world designed to accommodate two beds. Therefore, the triple rooms are actually double with extra bed. Some hotels accept and the fourth bed to serve the customers, but it is obvious that the space will be significantly limited. Usually, the rooms are checked-in at 14.00 and are available to residents until 10.00 on departure day. Note in the instructions for provision of services regarding the type of room is based on demand and if the hotel has different prices for each room type. Otherwise the hotel is entitled to provide the room according to the availability during the time of your stay. The company, of course, makes every effort to extend the stay time limit to accommodate the holidaymakers departing on the evening or very early flights. This kind of service will be applicable in case if rooms are not given to other guests. In case of late arrival at the hotel after a day of your scheduled arrival and if you do not inform the hotel, the hotel has the right to dispose the rest reserved period if requested. Drinks, unless expressly stated, are not included in the half board or full board. We remind that before your departure from the hotel you pay for any personal accounts (phone calls, drinks etc.). In no case the Company will agree to pay personal customer accounts.
  • The Company undertakes carriage of luggage of regular size and weight up to 20 kg for each client, regardless of the type of trip (air, sea or bus), unless otherwise stated. Apart from the basic luggage, participants can keep a small handbag, the dimensions of which must not exceed 53x26x23 cm (length / height / width respectively). In cases where the passenger has excess luggage weight or more luggage pieces, this can result in extra charge from the airline or accommodations, which is paid by traveler. In case of damage or loss of luggage, the airline will compensate the traveler only for the weight of baggage according to the Warsaw Convention of 1929 regardless of the value of the contents of the baggage. For this reason, please do not place valuable items in luggage.

Travelers insurance

Under the Directive 90/314/EEC (which was incorporated in the greek legislation by P.D.339/1996) our company has insured its professional responsibility to cover default of the contract from their part as well as the refund of money paid and repatriation expenses in the event of bankruptcy. For the mentioned above, for more detailed information and in regards to your rights, please be informed about from our company as well as about the name and address of the insurance company and the number of the insurance policy. The Company covers group travelers for civil liability risks, improper performance of the contract, accidents and repatriation. The group coverage is limited due to its nature.

As an example but without limitation, we note that the insurance does not cover damage, losses and cases due to the traveler's actions or concealment of the facts from the company, such as false or fraudulent statements or concealment of facts, use of toxic, drugs or other substances, cases of pregnancy or childbirth, mental disorders, pre-existing physical or mental defect or disability, deliberate self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide, intoxication, permanent and chronic diseases, as well as the age of less than 12 months or greater than 70 years. The Company strongly recommends that travelers conclude a private insurance contract covering the above risks, with the amounts they wish, and to cover cancellation fees in case of trip cancellation due to serious illness, medical intervention or accident events, which not affect the charges against the Company by its suppliers.

Prices-Changes-Cancelation of trip

The prices of bookings are calculated on the day indicated in the current price list, based on the cost of services of each booking, the applicable fares, taxes and insurance costs, foreign currency exchange rates compared to EURO, in any foreseen from the package number of minimum participants, which, for groups in all cases and unless otherwise provided in the program is at least 20, the prices of fuel and services, and any other cost factor. The Company makes every possible effort of foreseeing but reserves the right to readjust when the above cost factors change, up to 20 days before departure. If in the last 20 days before departure arise extraordinary increases in fares, taxes, fuel, etc. rates the Client has the right to accept a similar increase for the trip or to cancel his/her participation if the increase exceeds 10% of the trip value. The Company reserves the right to cancel any trip before departure: a) force majeure or security, i.e. to circumstances different to his/her will, abnormal and unpredictable, b) if any extraordinary increases, as mentioned above, are much more than 10% of the value of travel (in this case the amounts paid are refunded to traveler), c) in case of insufficient participation (including the group, involving less than 20 employees). If the required number of participants is not completed the Company is obliged to notify participant-travelers about cancelation 8 days before departure, refunding the amounts paid to traveler or offering another trip without further liability. Unlike when during the trip occurs force majeure and to ensure the safe course of the journey or the repatriation of participants, there are required extraordinary expenses, travelers are obliged to accept to pay on the spot these costs. Any temporary cover of exceptional costs by the Company does not mean in any way an admission of liability from its part, but temporary financial service of the traveler, with the obligation of the immediate settlement of the expenditure on their return.

Cancelation fees

The Customer is entitled to cancel the reservation upon a written notice to the Company, with the following charges, as calculated per person making cancellation on corresponding to him/her amount. Please note that the cancellation policy applies regardless of the day the booking: Until 30 days before departure free of charge. From 29 to 20 days before departure withholding of 20%. From 19 to 15 days before departure withholding of 50% of the price of the trip. 14 days before and until departure, 100%. Also the traveler is burdened with expenses paid by the Company on his/her behalf (registration at conferences or seminars, tickets for entertainment, sporting or other events, issue travel documents etc.). The cancellation policy also applies to the case with a previous notification of change in flight time (including from morning to night or vice versa), the replacement of hotels with others of the same or higher category and forced minor changes in the program, which do not change substantially the whole character of the journey, even illness, medical interventions and travel accidents. The Client, in case of failure, may transfer his/her booking to a person who meets the conditions of the package after informing the Company at least five days before departure. In this case the company cannot accept liability for non-fulfillment on the part of the transferee of the necessary conditions for participation. In this case transferee assumes the rights and obligations of the transferor, while the transferor and transferee are jointly and severally liable for any additional costs due to the transfer to the Company.

Pricelist and Program validity

The printed programs are valid for the period indicated in the current price list and in indivisible combination with the one to whom they are assigned, corrections and information on the trips binding all travelers. The final configuration of the program and final trip program is considered the one that the Customer accepts and receives with the travel documents, a few days before departure.











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