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Vacation on the island of Samos 2022


Samos: Multi-Faced Island

It is no accident that the great historian Herodotus considered Samos first among all Greek and barbarian cities. Being the centre of the Ionian civilization, the island saw times of indescribable splendor, which still remains. Even today, its proximity to the coast of Asia Minor makes the island a ‘bridge’ between the two cultures.

Samos invites travelers to make discoveries, because it is full of surprises: here in perfect harmony coexist mountains and the sea, the vibrant nightlife and traditions.

Samos is the eighth largest island with unique natural beauties, rich history and traditions. On the northeast side of Samos lies the island’s capital.  Built amphitheatrically along the perimeter of a large bay, next to the harbour, it pleasantly predisposes the visitor with its Aegean colours and its neoclassical coastal zone. Although small in size, Samos is known throughout the world for its wine.

Administratively Samos is divided into four municipalities: Vafeos, Karlovasos, Marafokambos, Pifagorios.


Vathy is one of the main three ports on Samos and is connected to Samos Town so that the division between the two towns is difficult to see.
Samos Town or Vathy (as locals call it ) is the capital of the island today, which lies to the north east of the island. Vathy has a population of 9,000 people and represents a mixture of old and new buildings. Most of the inhabitants are occupied in tourism and agriculture with wine and olives being the primary products.

Local products

The island is remarkably fertile. The main agricultural products include honey, grapes, olive oil, olives, dried figs, citrus fruit, almonds and flowers. The Muscat Grape is the main crop used for wine production. The Samian wines repeatedly win prestigious international and domestic awards. Samos is also known for its folk art and produces beautiful pottery, ceramics, rugs, bags made of goat wool and woven fabrics with beautiful designs and colours.

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    Aphrodite Hotel & Suites
    Samos  Marathokampos
    This small hotel is located a few steps from the beach. It features cozy green grounds, a choice of comfortable rooms, a bar, home cooking, a swimming pool, internet access, and good service. Suitable for a relaxing comfortable stay. Within easy access of bars, taverns...
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    Aria Boutique Hotel
    Samos  Vathy Samos
    This small hotel features simple style rooms with modern amenities, internet access and room service. The island's most popular shopping street with numerous shops, banks, taverns, restaurants and bars is located next to the hotel. During your stay in the boutique...
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    Arion Hotel
    Samos  Kokkari
    The hotel enjoys a magnificent quiet setting and indescribable natural beauty. It features spacious & comfortable rooms, extensive grounds, swimming pools, a sauna, a restaurant, a bar and a playground. Ideal for a relaxing family holiday at a good price. A free hotel's mini bus runs to the village of Kokkari every 30 minutes.