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Kastoria - it is a beautiful city in northern Greece, with charming churches, ancient architecture, picturesque landscape of mountain lake Orestiada. It says this is the most autumnal city in Greece, because in the autumn here a romantic atmosphere reigns. Among the tourists Kastoria has earned a lot of popularity due to the development of fur production.

There are very popular Fur Fashion Tours to Kastoria - tours for furs. This is a very interesting and profitable format of tours, during which you can get acquainted with the culture and beauty of Greece, and at the same time to buy a real fur coat at a manufacturer's price.

How to get

We offer Fur Fashion Tours with the flight to the city of Thessaloniki from a wide range of countries. Flights are carried out on flights Ellinair airlines (own company of Mouzenidis Group). In Thessaloniki you will have a sightseeing tour, and on a comfortable bus from our own fleet we will take you in Kastoria. Driving time from Thessaloniki to Kastoria is about 2 hours, but the transfer is not to be tiring for you, because in our fleet there are only modern buses with comfortable seating, air conditioning and free internet.


Kastoria is located in northern Greece and the Greeks themselves considered it their "Siberia", but it is only by local standards. The average summer temperature in Kastoria is 25 degrees, in winter it’s usually not falls below +6. We can’t talk about a bathing season as a swim in the lake is not accepted. The best time to visit Kastoria is autumn - at this time the city is particularly beautiful and charming.


Buying Greek fur coats - the main reason why tourists go to Kastoria. Fur Fashion Tours are two types: with obligation of a purchase coats and without obligation. Their program and the route has no difference, the only difference is that if you go on tour with the obligations, you pay for the trip lower, but you have an obligation to buy a fur coat in Kastoria.

The main purpose of the trip to Kastoria for fur is "Edika". It is Europe's largest trade fair center, which specializes exclusively in fur products. On our site you can download the current catalog for the season coats 2022 - 2023.

It says that only in Greece there are more than 2 thousand fur factories and shops, so of course that in the city most of the boutiques and shops selling exactly fur coats of all kinds of fur.

The quality of fur in Kastoria is very high, and prices are reasonable. Also on site you will be able to ask the master to take in a fur coat under your figure and bargain – Greeks love it.


The city has not too many historical sites, but it is attractive for its picturesque architecture - like a city from a fairy tale. The most famous of natural attractions is the mountain lake Orestiada.

Kastoria has a very rich religious heritage - in the city and surrounding area there are 72 Byzantine churches, the most famous of which - Church of Panagia Mavriotissa- the main sanctuary of the city.

City tour takes you no more than three hours:  you’ll see the fish market, visit the famous private residences and old churches, visiting the Omonia Square, walk along the amazing lake. Also here is conducted a separate tour of the churches of Kastoria, an excursion to the prehistoric stone forest, and in the "cave of the Dragon."

From Kastoria you can easy access to the city of Kalambaka, to see the eighth wonder of the world - the floating monasteries of Meteora, built on the cliffs among Valley of Thessaly.

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