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Vacation on the island of Karpathos 2022


Karpathos – Centuries-Old Traditions

Karpathos is situated between the largest islands of Greece - Crete and Rhodes. Diversity of its landscape makes it one of the unique Greek islands with mountains reaching 1,200 meters (the peak Lastosa), pines on the slopes and sandy beaches that stretch for miles. But the biggest peculiarity about the island is the fact that traditions are the key to everything that is related to Karpathos. The locals keep their traditions and customs like precious treasures, which are reflected not only in celebrations and holidays, but also in everyday life and behavior.


Pigadia - the island's capital and port that greets you when you arrive by sea, confirms that Karpathos is the "secret" and untouched island. Although in recent years, a large number of hotels, bars, restaurants and taverns have been built on the island, they don’t harm its aesthetics. The capital is particular for its traditional houses, built of hewn stone and colorful, filled with flowers, balconies. Modern Karpathos is identified with the ancient city Potideon.

The Miracle of Olympos

The village of Olympos is 65 kilometers from Pigadia. In the remote North of the island, with the accompaniment of singing windmills, live 350 interesting people. This number increases to 600 in summer.

Olympos is a mountainous village with stone houses. When the clouds come down and cover the village, the atmosphere is dreamy. The women still wear traditional clothes, and you can see local artisans working on leather with needles and knives. Their handmade shoes are known even in America and Japan.


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    Alex Hotel
    Karpathos  Karpathos
    This small hotel, set on cozy, green grounds,  consists of a two-storey building . It offers simple  style rooms with all amenities , internet access, a  swimming pool, a bar , a  warm and homely atmosphere . Ideal for  a budget  holiday .
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    Dorana Studios
    This small hotel, located a stone's throw from the beach, offers simple   style &  spacious rooms with kitchenettes , internet access, and a  warm and homely atmosphere .
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    Irini Hotel
    Karpathos  Afiartis
    Set on beautiful, green  grounds with palm trees and  swimming pools, the hotel offers a  range  of spacious rooms, a restaurant , a  bar, internet access,  a  windsurfing school , and a  spa center. The hotel is suitable for  both  youth and families.