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Ballooning (6-8 people)

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Departure from:
from 4 to 8 hours

Balloon flight in the depth of emotional feeling is incomparable with any adventure in the world! Each person receives an unforgettable impression of a balloon 
flight. The beauty of the landscape opening from a height fascinates. In flight, you are surrounded by complete silence. The ball moves smoothly, there is no 
feeling of wind, as the ball floats with it. Circular view. Below, under the basket, vineyards and orchards slowly float.
In Georgia, flights on aerostats are performed at any time of the year. In spring, summer and autumn flights are carried out in the early 
morning (5 -9 o'clock in the morning) and in the evening (18 -19 o'clock). This is due to specific weather conditions that limit flights at a different time of day. 
In winter, flights are performed at any time of the day. Flying on hot air balloons also depends on weather conditions.
Thunderhead, precipitation, thick clouds, limiting visibility, high surface wind speed can be the reasons for the cancellation of the flight. As a rule, preliminary
weather forecast is compiled 2–3 days prior to the date of the flight, a revised forecast is 24 hours. The airline informs passengers about this. The final
decision on the flight is made by the aircraft commander at the launch site. The balloon is in flight for about an hour (depending on wind speed), but the 
whole process (preparation for launch, instruction, flight itself, landing, aeronautics initiation ceremony) takes 3-3.5 hours.

Mukhran Valley, where most of our individual flights take place, is located near Tbilisi, near the town of Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia. 
There are 260 sunny days a year, plenty of safe landing areas and a wide network of rural roads - ideal conditions for flying on balloons. 
Like almost everything in Georgia, the valley is surrounded by picturesque hills, and from the height there are breathtaking panoramas of the Caucasus 
mountain peaks. Alazani Valley is a uniquely beautiful place, as well as a crossroad of all tourist routes in Georgia. It extends more than a hundred kilometers 
along the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The mountains rise steeply and in the blue sky end with snow-white glaciers.
The balloon is understood to a height of 50 m and above. At a low altitude, passengers can even chat with people downstairs.
And when we rise higher, the panorama of the valley and the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus open up in all its glory. After landing, the tourists are
waited by the traditional aeronautical ceremony with a glass of champagne, diplomas and commemorative badges. Any thing has a shelf life, and only
beautiful memories, vivid emotions, which gives this extraordinary adventure, remain with you forever! For a wedding, for a birthday, for any holiday, flying
is the most unique gift.

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