Via Ferrata and Trolley in the Guamsky Gorge

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Краснодарский край
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We invite you to experience the via ferrata (in Italian “iron road”) and the zip line trolley – cable hang gliding across the gorge.

To the via ferrata you can walk through the forest trail with small ups and downs. The walk takes about 30 minutes. On the way there is a “silver water” source, where you can bathe. Then you will climb another 300 meters. Afterwards you will overcome a rocky area with the help of artificial support spots and insurance.

Next you hang glide cross the gorge (with a speed of 12m/s). You fly over the precipice above the gorge on the 250 meter long cable. Take a step towards the wind and experience an incredible surge of emotions when you get off of the ground and fly along above the precipice. When there is a deep gorge beneath you and only the sky above and you’re flying, you get a unique emotional experience - 250 meters at incredible speed and height!

And finally, there is another 40 m long via ferrata route. The second route can be bypassed if you feel emotional exhaustion. These modes of transportation along the route, including elements of extreme, let you experience the thrill. It's not easy! But it's worth it!

You can get to the starting point of the zip line trolley from the north and from the south. The northern route is different from the southern route in the length of a via ferrata, which is 150 meters long! The adventure lasts about 4 hours. Another 30 minutes are spent on instruction, registration formalities, kitting up, etc. After the end of the route you will walk at least 30 minutes to the village of Guamka.

There is an option to go back to the village by jeep.

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