Stalin's bunker in Taganka

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Excursion to Stalin's Bunker Taganka - the world's only underground bunker, located at a depth of 65 m below ground level in the center of the city, preserved and functioning today. Bunker-42 is an outpost in the heart of the capital, which for almost 30 years old carried clock duty to ensure the safety of Russia in the event of a nuclear attack.

100 to 600 people had to work on duty every day to provide telephone and telegraph communications in the facility. In total, over 2,500 people were employed at the facility.  
Bunker-42 is a symbol of power and greatness of Russia. It is an object of pride and admiration for the state that was capable of creating it. And yet, it is a reminder of the futility of any arms race and the need to maintain peace in the world.

During the tour you will walk along the secret tunnels of the bunker, get acquainted with weapons and communications equipment of the Armed Forces of the USSR. You will also watch a documentary about the period of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA.

Huge underground areas and unusual architecture of the "Bunker-42" allow organize individual and group tours around one of the once most secret military facilities of the USSR, as well as activities (team building, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, corporate events, weddings, filming) of almost any level.

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