Excursion "Skyscrapers of Moscow"

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What is the tallest building in Moscow? Where does the name "Seven Sisters" come from? What is the history of the skyscrapers? Did you try to count the skyscrapers of the capital or to visit at least one of them?

On this tour you will get acquainted with high-rise Moscow, hear the story about the most unusual skyscrapers, learn the history of Stalin's skyscrapers, and know what represents each of them. But the most fascinating is yet to come!

Modern Moscow is just as exciting as its historical center! You will have the unique opportunity to visit the Moscow City business center and use the express elevator to get to the top of the Federation Tower. It is an unforgettable experience to see the bird's eye view of Moscow!
Time of the tour: daily

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Photo gallery - Excursion "Skyscrapers of Moscow" Excursion "Skyscrapers of Moscow"

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