Shrine of Athos (for men only)

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Shrine of Athos (for men only)

A one-day group pilgrimage

Athos is an amazing monastic country, where unceasing prayer for the whole world rises. Mount Athos is a special place between Heaven and Earth. For the last 1 300 years Athos has reached special position among other countries: the way of life isn't subordinated to common laws here. The Holy Mountain is under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is a part of the Greek state with a special status.

We will go from Ouranoupoli towards the monastery of Xenophon by ferry.                                

The monastery of Xenophon was found in the 9th century. In this monastery the monks keep the two wonder-working icons – the Virgin "Hodegetria" and St. George the Victorious, which was wonderfully found in the monastery, and also St. Georgy's relics, St. Marines relics and many others. Next we will visit the Russian Holy Panteleimon monastery, where the head of the Great Martyr Healer Panteleimon stays. The next stop is the Vatopedi monastery. There are 7 miracle-working icons. Among them the Vsezaritsa icon which have been helping people with cancer for many years. The main shrines of this monastery – Honest Blessed Virgin Mary's belt and the Honest head of the prelate John Chrysostom located in this monastery too. After that, we will move to the capital of the monastic state – Karjes. Here we will visit the skete of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, where his honest head is kept. This skete was built by Russian monks and benefactors. In the monastery provided a meal (food is purely a monastic). After that, we go to the main Temple of the Holy Mountain - the Assumption Cathedral, where the main shrine of Athos is located - the icon "Worthy Is". Then we visit the Monastery of Kutlumush, in the sacristy of which the miraculous icon of the Mother of God is preserved - the All-Merciful Intercessor. Then the pilgrims move to the Iberian monastery, where the miraculous Iveron icon of the Mother of God or as it is called Vratarnitsa located (source is visited only if you have free time).

In addition, depending on the schedule of the holidays and the presence of blessings, the group will be able to visit two more monasteries, listed below:

The Monastery of Stavronikit, where the monks preserve the ancient mosaic icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, found in the sea, as well as a particle of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord;

The Pandokrator  monastery. Among the shrines of the monastery that we can worship is the icon of the Mother of God Gerontiss (the patroness of the monastery). Also you can worship to a particle of the Life-giving Cross, part of the Khiton of the Lord (you can find this shrine only on Mount Athos), the relics of Kosmy and Damian and the great martyr Theodore Stratelate.

The monastery of Esfigmen, built in the 5th century and one of the oldest on Mount Athos;

The Ilyinsky skete, founded by the Monk Paisii Velichkovsky. Among whose shrines - fragments of the veils of the Child of Christ, the venerated icons of the Mother of God "The Mammal" and the Tikhvin icon;

Departure from Mount Athos is provided by a ferry.                                

NOTES: The pilgrimage center SOLUN can change the program (the list of monasteries)

ATTENTION: Stamp duty for receiving diamonitirion in the Pilgrim Bureau (25 euro).


You should remember:

-          visa processing takes about 2 working days;

-          a visa may be denied without giving reasons;

-          tourists should have a 25 euro for the special visa – diamonitirion;

-          you must have the original passport for your visa;

-          you should wear a shirt with a long sleeve (if it possible), long pants, socks, closed shoes;

-          when you visiting Athos, you should follow all the rules of the monastic republic (the guide will acquaint you with them);

-          you should have a pen or pencil


Interesting information

• Time on Mount Athos

Byzantine. At the time of sunset, the arrows are transferred at midnight. In summer, the difference between Byzantine and mundane time is about 3 hours, and in winter - 6.

• More about clothes

Be sure to bring a headpiece for protection from the sun, sunglasses

• Accommodation

At the opening of the "General permission for Athos", the lodging for the night in the monasteries is organized independently;

At the opening of the "Permission to visit the Russian Holy Panteleimon Monastery", a night's lodging is provided in a Russian monastery

• Monetary relations

All services (transportation and other) on Athos are paid in euros. In the same currency, settlements are also made in monastic shops. Accommodation and meals in monasteries and monasteries are free of charge. The pilgrim makes donations at will. Going to Athos, have a certain amount of cash with you, since the card is not accepted for payment on Mount Athos


Not included in the price of the trip. We recommend you to pack a lunch package with you, because there will be little free time in the capital of Athos - Karjes

•Photo and video

Photographing inside monasteries and monasteries is performed with the blessing of monastics (be sure to ask for permission before you start taking pictures), video shooting is prohibited.

• Dangers of nature

On Mount Athos there are poisonous snakes and scorpions. But attention! Monks do not bless the killing of any living creature on the Holy Mountain.

• The sea

Bathing in the sea in the territory of Athos is not blessed.

• Customs

From the territory of St. Athos forbidden to export old icons, any antiques, old books and religious objects. Particularly protected are the ancient icons and relics of saints. When you are in the port of Daphne for departure, you will be checked by strict customs control.

• Smoking in the Holy Mount Athos is prohibited.


Pilgrimage to Athos is not an entertainment.

This is not just a survey of sights and an excursion into history. You will find yourself in a unique place where thousands of people constantly talk with God and receive an answer from Him. And if you can concentrate, tear yourself away from the bustle - you will discover the innermost, you can nourish yourself with grace and feel that your prayer is heard. Then the trip to Athos will change for the better all your life.

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