Shaman Rock (Olkhon Island, Baikal)

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Location: Irkutsk region, Olkhon Island

Shaman Rock has many names: Cape Burhan, Shaman Cape, Cape Cave, but it is very difficult to find a rock that could match its beauty. It is located in such a natural setting that everything around it just emphasizes its natural beauty. It has two peaks and is located right on the promontory.The rock is one of symbols of Baikal and one of the most popular places not only with tourists, but even among pilgrims, as for the local people it is a holy place.

Since ancient times, the rock has had a religious significance and has been piously revered by the locals. It is one of the nine shrines of Asia, and it used to house the Altar of Buddha.Buryat Buddhists called Burhan the main deity of Lake Baikal and the rock was believed to be his home.

Shaman Cave
For a reason, both the rock and the cave bear this name. Since ancient times, this pass-through cave was loved by local shamans and used as a venue for their rituals and ceremonies. According to the legend, only men are allowed to enter the cave. There are many theories as to why it is so, but most likely the regular rituals and ceremonies filled the cave with the kind of energy, which is not the best way for women and children. Ancient Buryats were sure that a visit to this mountain may complicate future giving birth, or even make a woman sterile.

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