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Pskov Kremlin

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On a promontory at the confluence of the Pskova and the Velikaya rivers spreads the friendly embrace of ancient Pskov. Archaeologists claim that the first settlements in this area date from the middle of the I millennium BC. Their excavations have confirmed that in the X-XII centuries there was a city protected by earthworks.

The most important site of the ancient city from time immemorial was considered Krom (Kremlin). Inside it, there was a market and life bustled. Veche Square was the center of the city, where meetings took place, and vital decisions for the city were made with the help of the townspeople In 1397 the Pskov Judicial Charter - the republic laws code - was approved at one of these meetings For the last time the Pskov veche bell struck on January 13, 1510 It was when Pskov Veche Republic joined Moscow Russia.
On the southern part of Pskov's fortifications called the Pershi there was the Veche bell tower.It was also where the Boyars Meeting Chamber was located, as well as the archives of the veche republic was kept.

In the middle of the tenth century at the behest of Princess Olga, a native of Pskov, was erected the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The second stone cathedral was erected in the XII century on the orders of the first Pskov prince Vsevolod-Gabriel. But the most surprising was the third Trinity Cathedral, built in 1367 It played a decisive role in the developmnt of local architectural traditions. The cathedral reconstruction showed it had 25 thrones and 32 wall plates.

The contemporary Trinity Cathedral is the fourth one. It was built in 1699 The temple is remarkable for its intricate seven-tier iconostasis. Behind the walls of the temple rest the relics of the Pskov saints: Dovmont, Vsevolod-Gabriel, Nikolka Salos.

The Belfry of the Trinity Cathedral deserves special attention, dating from the XVII-XIX centuries. It replaced the ancient tower "on Radchina slope".You will be able to see these wonderful buildings firsthand if you visit Pskov Kremlin.

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