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Pokrovsky Convent - Suzdal's White Swan

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Золотое кольцо
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Pokrovsky Convent is one of the most beautiful places of Suzdal.

Pokrovsky Convent is the "youngest" of the existing monasteries in Suzdal. It was built in 1364 on the lower bank of the Kamenka River by St. Prince Andrei Konstantinovich to fulfill a vow he had given after a miraculous escape from death during a storm on the Volga.Originally it was made of wood, but since the 16th century stone construction began there.

At this time the convent became a place for women from noble and even royal families. This makes it well-known and one of the richest in Russia. The most famous of its "prisoners" were the wife of Vasily III, Solomonia Saburova and Eudoxia Lopukhina.The main buildings of the convent were rebuilt by Vasily III in 1510-1520 Years: St. Basil's Cathedral, Annunciation Gate Church and the bell tower.

In 1923, Pokrovsky Convent was closed, and the monks were evicted. A residential village was organized there. Later it housed an orphanage, a biochemical laboratory, various secular institutions. In the 1960s, Pokrovsky Convent was newly renovated, in 1970 were opened museum exhibits and Pokrovskaya Hotel. Wooden cottages were built for the hotel, and in the refectory of the church was opened a restaurant.

The monks didn't return to the monastery until 1992. To date, there are about 30 sisters. The convent opened a shelter for orphaned girls. There are also a sewing and an icon-painting workshop.

The architectural ensemble of the monastery is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00. Days off - Wednesday, Thursday.

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Photo gallery - Pokrovsky Convent - Suzdal's White Swan Pokrovsky Convent - Suzdal's White Swan

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