Pirohovo Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

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Pirohovo is a kind of time machine. Visiting the museum, you are transported several centuries back. You have a unique opportunity to go through all the most interesting corners of Ukraine in one excurison day, literally see the life of the Ukrainian people in the 17-20 centuries from the inside, get acquainted with household items of an ordinary Ukrainian home.

The museum is open air exhibition of ethnographic regions of the country, that is, the entire territory of the museum is not located in pavilions or other buildings, it is an open-air museum that attracts tourists from all over the world. Every year the museum keeps gaining popularity, as well as to expands its collection of architectural structures and everyday objects of the said historical period. Another distinctive feature of Pirohovo Museum, that perhaps distinguishes it from the vast mass of such museums in the world, are all kinds of theatrical performances, festivals during national holidays. In Pirohovo, you can often meet people and workers wearing national costumes, or engaged in a variety of crafts of that period - weavers, clay potters and others.

Walking while listening to Ukrainian folk music are something special, give you an unforgettable experience. During Ukrainian national holidays the museum organizes special theatrical performances: dancing around the campfir,e singing.   Come to Pirohovo and take home a part of the past.

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Photo gallery - Pirohovo Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirohovo Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

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