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Peschanaya Bay and Babushka (Baikal)

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Peschanaya Bay is located in the southern part of the western shore of Lake Baikal, about 75 km straight to the northeast of the source of the river Angara and 30 km from the village Bolshoe Goloustnoye. The bay is located on the territory of Pribaikalsky National Park.

Since 1981, Peschanaya Bay has a status of a state nature landscape monument. The bay is often called the "Siberian Riviera" and is the warmest place on Lake Baikal. This is the only place in Eastern Siberia, where the average annual temperature is positive (+0,4 ° C). Water temperature at the bay in summer remains low and only seasoned people can swim in it. Peschanaya Bay is the best-known natural landmark of Baikal, where the famous "walking-on-stilts" trees "grow, from under which water and winds constantly blow out the sandy soil.
The unique taiga slopes of the Primorsky Range with their spectacular groups of cliffs smoothly go down to Baikal. The sandy beach of Peschanaya Bay is framed by the picturesque pyramidal rocks of Bolshaya Kolokolnia (80 m above the lake) and Malaya Kolokolnia (60 m). The semicircular 750 m long and 15-20 m wide sandy beach contributes to the picturesque view of the bay. At the beginning of the last century Neolithic human settlements were found at the bay and in its surroundings. During the archaeological excavations jade axes, spears, arrowheads were found.

At one and a half kilometers from Peschanaya Bay lies not at least inferior in beauty - Babushka Bay. Flowering wild rosemary shrubs adorn the trail from Peschanaya Bay to Babushka Bay. Baikal waters throw a shore shingles of colorless and translucent quartz and its varieties - semiprecious stones - chalcedonies, having a homogenous light tone, and bright or dark jaspers.

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Photo gallery - Peschanaya Bay and Babushka (Baikal) Peschanaya Bay and Babushka (Baikal)

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