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Excursion to the Ostankino Tower "337 answers"

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The Ostankino Tower is a 540-m TV and radio broadcasting tower, the fifth highest free-standing structure in the world after Burj Khalifa (Dubai), Tokyo Sky Tree (Tokyo), Guangzhou TV Tower (Guangzhou) and CN Tower (Toronto) .The tower was designed by Nikitin overnight. He was inspired by an inverted lily - a flower with strong petals and a thick stem. According to the initial project, the tower had 4 supports, and later - on the advice of the world-famous German civil engineer Fritz Leonhardt - their number was increased to 10.

When was the tower built? What was the purpose of its construction? What TV channels does the antenna transmit? What is the total height of the tower?What wind force can it resist? - You will learn the answers to these and many other questions on the tour to the Ostankino TV tower.

1. Introduction. "Hello, Tower!".
The guide gathers the tourists near the Ostankino TV tower modeland begins telling the fascinating story about the history and characteristics of the Ostankino TV tower.
2. Exciting part "58 seconds of flight."
The guests of the TV tower will use the most high-speed elevators of Moscow - the Ostankino Tower elevators that will rapidly take them to a breathtaking height - 337 meters in just 58 seconds!
3. Quest "337 responses."

For high school students, and possibly adults, there is an interactive quest.Coming out of the elevators, the guests will find themselves in the most fascinating place at the Ostankino tower - the observation deck. The tour guide will bring the guests to the glass flooring section (the glass can withstand several tons). Completing tasks in a fixed order, the sightseers earn points. After summing up, the winners are announced and prizes are distributed.

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Photo gallery - Excursion to the Ostankino Tower "337 answers" Excursion to the Ostankino Tower "337 answers"

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