Excursion "Olympic Sochi"

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Departure from:
Краснодарский край
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Tour type: historical - naturalistic tour
Duration: 9 hours
Method of transportation: auto - pedestrian
Recommended clothing: sportswear and sports footwear, headgear desirable.

The small mountainous village of Krasnaya Polyana, located at the foot of the Main Caucasian Ridge, became the most desirable place to visit when Russia won the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2014 with the capital in the resort city of Sochi.

The excursion "Olympic Red Meadow" is a unique opportunity to step back in time and imagine yourself an Olympic participant. The first part of the tour introduces you to so-called "urban cluster" - a group of objects located in the center of Sochi. The symbols of Winter Olympics are ubiquitous: the building of the Maritime Station, the view of which adorns the first coin of the Olympic Collection, the Olympic Clock, that were counting down the days, hours and even seconds remaining before the start of the Olympics, the International Olympic University and much more.

The tour includes a visit to the Olympic Park in the Imereti Valley – the "coastal cluster." The mail decoration of the Olympic Park is created by the nature itself - the majestic Caucasus Mountains and the warm Black Sea. From the coast to the mountains - to the "mountain cluster" leads the new Olympic Highway. Along the way, you will see the beautiful airport – the decoration of the second collection coin.

The way to the Red Meadow provides to tourists the charm of wildlife and the delight in the scale of modern construction. Ski resorts are built in the vicinity of the village. The Ski Jumping Complex "Russian Hills" naturally fits into the terrain of the picturesque valley; like a giant anaconda winds the “Sledge” - the most modern bobsleigh track in the world and the resort "Rosa Hutor" with the high-speed giant slalom course and the freestyle stadium amazes with its gloss.
In the Red Meadow you will visit the state apiary and dine in the mountain café (extra charge).

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