Novodevichy Convent

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Excursion to Novodevichy Convent lets you know about important events related to the history of Moscow and Russia.
The monastery was founded by Vasily III in 1524 in honor of the return of Smolensk to Russia. In the museum you can get acquainted with a large collection of Russian icons, jewelery, art sewing and books of the 16-17th centuries.

In the necropolis of the monastery are the graves of many prominent state and public figures of Russia, such as the poet-partisan Davydov, historian and his son the philosopher Solovyevs and many others.

Today the monastery is shrouded in a huge number of mysteries and all sorts of secrets and legends. During the tour you will learn where the fiction came from and what is true. Why monastery received the prefix "novo" ("new") and why it became the exile "prison" for unwanted royal wives and sisters.

After visiting the monastery, you will see the most unique, most pathetic and rich Novodevichy Cemetery, which in Soviet times was closed to public access, and one could only enter it with a special pass.

Opening hours from 10:00 to 17:30, Tuesday - day off, the first Monday of each month - cleaning day

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