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Sightseeing tour of Veliky Novgorod with a visit to the Kremlin

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In the north-western part of Russia, near the place where the river Volkhov flows out of the Lake Ilmen, lies Novgorod for more than eleven centuries, which is now the center of Novgorod Oblast. The city witnessed many important events in Russian history. Novgorod is connected with the formation of the Ancient Russian State and development of Russian economy and culture.

The sightseeing tour of Veliky Novgorod includes visiting all its sights and surroundings: Yaroslav's Court, the ancient trading square, which is nowadays one of the most beautiful places of Novgorod; the Yuriev Monastery of the 12th century with its main St. George’s Cathedral built in 1119, where the fragments of fresco paintings of the twelfth century can be seen; the Museum of Wooden Architecture, which represents the life of a Russian village of the 16th-18th centuries.

During the bus tour, you will admire the perfection of form of the Savior Church of the Transfiguration on Ilin Street (1374), see the Cathedral of the Mother of God of the Sign (1682-1688) and travel through the Nerevsky end of Veliky Novgorod, where you will see the church of Peter and Paul in Kozhevniki (1406) and the ensemble of the former Zverin Monastery.

The Novgorod Kremlin (Detinets) is the fortress of Great Novgorod. Detinets is located on the left bank of the river Volkhov. The fortress is first mentioned in chronicles around 1044 and is an architectural monument of the federal importance, protected by the state. The Novgorod Kremlin as part of the historic center of Veliky Novgorod is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

The tour to the Kremlin includes the visit to the cathedral of Saint Sophia the Wisdom of God (1045-1050) - the oldest temple of Russia, as well as to the monument to "the 1000th anniversary of Russia" – the encyclopedia of Russian history. Today in St Sophia’s Cathedral you can see the unique frescoes of the 11th-12th centuries, the iconostases with icons of the 15th -17th centuries and the Russian national relic - the miraculous icon of "Our Lady of the Sign."

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Photo gallery - Sightseeing tour of Veliky Novgorod with a visit to the Kremlin Sightseeing tour of Veliky Novgorod with a visit to the Kremlin

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