Night Lights of Kazan - expression of light

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During the night tour you will explore the city on the other side.

At night, the facades are lit up, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the fountains, which are also highlighted in the beat of popular music played on the square in front of Kamal Theater. {From the square of the National Cultural Centre of Kazan there is a fantastic views of the night capital.

Night is the perfect time for legends the entire history of the city is shrouded in. You will learn where Zilant the legendary serpent lived, where there were underground passages, where people searched for treasure and how the troops of Ivan the Terrible dug up the walls of the castle.

The tour runs not only through the ancient center, but also through modern residential areas of the city that are nothing inferior to the central part of Kazan in terms of lighting.

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Photo gallery - Night Lights of Kazan - expression of light Night Lights of Kazan - expression of light

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