National Cultural Center "Kazan"

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National Cultural Center "Kazan" is a unique multi-cultural studies institution in the capital of Tatarstan, situated on a high embankment of the Kazanka River. The architectural ensemble also includes the famous monument "Horriyat" with a statue of a girl-bird symbolizing the freedom.

This complex structural unit consists of a museum complex including a museum of national culture (including the Museum of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan), Baki Urmanche Museum, Mazitov Museum, Ildar Zaripov gallery-studio, Konstantin Vasilyev art gallery as well as the Kazan City Philharmonic.

In the center there is the huge infrastructure of the service with the fairgrounds, classrooms, concert hall, reception hall.

Museum of National Culture
Created basing on the reconstruction of Lenin memorial as the only pan-Tatarian museum designed to show the complete heritage of the Tatar people from ancient times to the present (VI-XXI centuries).

In a short period of time the museum has turned into an effective tourist attraction with exhibitions on the history of the Tatars and the 1000th anniversary of Kazan. The museum's collection has about 50 thousand exhibits of archeology and ethnography, numismatics and cartography, historical documents and rare books, works of fine and decorative arts.
Exposition hall I. Kazan II millennium BC - XV century.
Exposition hall II. Kazan of the late XV - early XX centuries.
Exposition hall III. Kazan of the XX-XXI centuries.

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