Museum of History of Russian vodka

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What kind of associations and stereotypes arise in the mind of any person at the mention of Russia? Ask any foreigner! The Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin, bitter cold, a fur cap with ear-flaps, brown bear, red caviar, a samovar with bagels, painted rosy-cheeked matryoshka, accordion and balalaika, "Kalinka Malinka", cheerful festivities, jolly dances... the list goes on and on. And for everyone it will certainly be unique. BUT! Absolutely everyone, whether Russian or foreigner among the first images will certainly name the cold, crystal clear Russian vodka.

In Russia it enjoys a special, reverent attitude. Vodka for the Russians is a matter of pride and a truly national drink! Since ancient times, no holiday can do without it. We are used to celebrating the most important events in our life with this drink. Wedding, farewell party, old friends reunion - nothing passes without vodka, affectionately referred to as the "little white" in Russia. Vodka is an integral part of our historical culture and mentality.

A Vodka Museum without vodka is nonsense! That's why as soon as you step into the museum, its friendly staff will offer you a traditional "fine" - a shot glass of this life-giving water. For our dear guests to have no more doubts where they are. For the visitors to feel clearly the sacredness and ambience of this magical place from the very first steps.

Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

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