Excursion to Mosfilm Cinema Concern

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The excursion to the Mosfilm Cinema Concern will show you one of the biggest and best studios, not only in Russia but also in Europe. You will pass through the territory of the legendary "Mosfilm", learn about its past and see its present with your own eyes.. The studio museum will open its doors to you. Its exhibition is constantly changing - many exhibits continue to appear in various films, and when some items are sent to the shooting, others from the rich collection of the studio replace them.

The halls of the Museum of Mosfilm Cinema Concern are full of elements of different scenery, the most interesting pieces from the collection of retro vehicles from the early twentieth century, who also feel quite comfortable in the XXI century: all of them refurbished, in working condition and despite their age, they look as though they just stepped off the conveyor line.

The heart of any studio are, of course, the sets. Pavilions, full-scale platforms - many people wnat to see what they look like, because only here you can visit another era without a time machine, or unashamedly peep in the window of some apartment built in the pavilion.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:30

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