Night walking tour "Moscow - The Territory of Ghosts"

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Night walking tour of Moscow for lovers of romance and adventure.
During the tour you will learn why Moscow is in the top five of the most mysterious cities in the world. What places in Moscow are considered "dark" and which the contrary. What does the solar structure of the capital mean? How did James Bruce affect the construction of the Moscow Metro ? Why is the Kremlin in Guinness Book of Records for the number of ghosts per square meter? How did the ghost of Lenin appear in his office before Lenin actually died?

Also you will solve the mysteries of the night Patriarchal and Chistye ponds, silent Christ the Savior Cathedral, the history and secrets of the Pokrovsky Cathedral. You will also hear about the mysterious phenomena and ghost seen in the famous mansions of Moscow, about the stories that take place on the site of ancient pagan temples, how pagan, orthodox and cult symbols influenced the architecture of Moscow.

Getting ready for this night trip, do not forget to leave home your bad mood and high heels. If all the group doesn't mind, about four a.m. you can drop in Coffee House.
The walking tour takes place every week in the night from Friday to Saturday from 01:00 to 06:00.

Start of the night tour: m Suharevskaya, Sretenka 27/29 at McDonald's.
Finish - Bolshaya Sadovaya 10, Museum Theater "Bulgakov House."

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Photo gallery - Night walking tour "Moscow - The Territory of Ghosts" Night walking tour "Moscow - The Territory of Ghosts"

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