Malkinsk hot springs

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The Malkinsk hot springs are located 130 kilometers from Petropavlovsk, in the valley of the Klyuchovka River.

The thermal springs come right out of pebbles and sand, getting in the specially dug baths, each of which has its own special composition and temperature. Malkinsk hot springs represent pebble alkaline bicarbonate-sulfate waters.

Once the locals avoided the bubbling and steaming springs, believing them to be the home for evil spirits, but now people from all over the country come here for treatment - the thermal springs heal your body and soul. The first clinic was opened back in 1818. Now here is a prophylactic sanatorium, and in summer the number of bathers on a weekend may reach 2.5 thousand people, and a colored tent city forms near the hot springs. Malki is the favorite place of citizens and residents of the surrounding villages.
Nearby is the Malkinsk plant that produces mineral water, which can also be purchased out of Kamchatka.

We invite you to appreciate the beauty and healing properties of this wonderful place.

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