Listvyanka (Lake Baikal)

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Listvyanka (Larch) is the gateway to Lake Baikal! It is located 65 km south-east of Irkutsk on the northwestern shore of Lake Baikal at the source of the Angara River.
Numerous larch trees growing in the vicinity gave the settlement its name. It is believed that the settlement arose spontaneously at the beginning of the XVIII century, in 1701-1725 and that the first inhabitants were voluntary migrants, free Cossacks, runaway convicts - the people who preferred to keep away from the tsar.

In Listvyanka began the road to the east of Russia, hence the Cossack ships swam in search of new lands. So it Listvyanka happened to became the keeper of the Baikal history. The first acquaintance with the great lake begins here for most tourists.

The village is the starting point for trips to Lake Baikal, Circumbaikal Railway, Pribaykalsky National Park and Baikal-Lena State Nature Reserve. Listvyanka offers a number of sights: Baikal Museum, Nerpinary, Asia's largest solar telescope, a souvenir and a fish market. Here one can breathe clean air and smell the appetizing aroma of smoked omul.

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