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Knossos- Heraklion

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from 4 to 8 hours

This trip gives you the opportunity to visit the capital of the island,  Heraklion, and the world famous monument of history, architecture and culture , the Knossos Palace.

The Knossos palace is located 5 kilometers from Heraklion, it was built in 2000 BC and was the residence of King Minos. Excavations of the archaeological zone started in 1900 by Arthur Evans who, based on Greek mythology, revealed to the world the great Minoan civilization - the first civilization in Europe. Visiting the palace today, one can see the Store Rooms, royal chambers, central shrine and royal staircases as well as the central attraction, the Throne Room.

A small walking tour of Heraklion will help you better learn the history of the city and plunge into the leisurely rhythm of life of the local population. A cup of freshly brewed coffee can be enjoyed in the «Lions Square» and will make you feel the spirit of modern Greece. In addition, you’ll get a taste of local cuisine in the gourmet restaurant «Elia & Diosmos».

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