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Kiev is an eminent religious center. Among the residential areas of the city, like many centuries ago, there are majestic temples and monasteries, and the shine of its golden domes creates the unique look of Kiev.

The temple always largely determined the look of the city. Among ancient cities Kiev is a unique phenomenon. Kiev churches were built on extremely complex terrain. And we should pay tribute to the architects, who skillfully solved this problem. During the tour we will visit the most famous shrines of the city.
Saint Sophia Cathedral is the oldest temple in Kiev.It was built in the first half of the 11th century, in the heyday of Kievan Rus' during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. The mosaics of St. Sophia are amazing, and it has the largest collection of 11-century mosaics in the world. The famous mosaic "Virgin Orans" for many centuries was considered the protector of Kiev. The cathedral still keeps the tomb of the founder of St. Sophia - Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Opposite St. Sophia, the descendants of Yaroslav the Wise built St. Michael's Monastery.The patron saint of the monastery - Archangel Michael - eventually became the patron saint of the whole city. And now you always see his winged figure with a flaming sword in his hand on the city's coat of arms, on postcards, badges, guidebooks in Kiev.

Vydubychi Monastery has also witnessed many historical events. It is believed that the name Vydubychi of the monastery and its surroundings derives from an ancient legend about Vladimir the Baptist and the defeated pagan god Perun. It tells the story of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich that day, who decided to christen Rus and ordered to throw all wooden idols of Perun and the other gods into the Dnieper. Kievan devotees of the ancient belief ran along the shore and implored the gods to float, shouting: "Vydybay, vydybay!", Which translated from the Old Slavonic means "swim out", "exit". And Perun did "vydybay" - the waves threw him into the shallows. Since then, this place got the name Vidubichi and the Prince Baptist's grandson Vsevolod built there a monastery.

St. Andrew's Church is the true beauty of Kiev.It was built upon the order of the Empress Elizabeth in 1749-1754 years by local architects led by Moscow architect Ivan Michurin on the spot where, according to legend, was Apostle Andrew built a cross during his journey to the north.

Vladimir's Cathedral was built in honor of the 900th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia and named after Prince Vladimir Equal-to-Apostles. It became a real gem of Kievan architecture and monumental painting.The interiors of the temple were painted by famous artists, headed by the renowned V.Vasnetsov. The main shrine of the temple are the relics of St. Barbara - one of the most venerated saints in the Christian world.

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