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Adventures in Guamsky Gorge

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Guamka is a unique corner of Krasnodar Krai, which is formed by the ridges of Guamsky and Lagonaksky, which 400 m high cliffs abruptly break off at the valley of the river Kurdzhips.

The village is located at the entrance to the Guamsky Gorge, at 165 km from Krasnodar.

This place amazes, inspires, fascinates and frightens at the same time. The rock terrace, which you will pass, goes high above the water flow –the mountain river of Kurdzhips. Compressed by the rocks, sparkling in turquoise shades, it joyfully shines in the sun among the polished stones, then popples threatening, overcoming numerous turbulent rapids. To the right and left of the trail rise inaccessible cliffs, which sometimes reach the height of 400 meters. Some slopes have a concave form, hanging over the river and trail. The gorge oppresses with its unwieldy size. New scenery opens at every step. From vertical slopes go down splashing waterfalls. The mysterious gorges and caves darken, while boxwood shrubs, lurking in the crevices of rocks and carpets of creeping phlox give the place its particular charm.

Many interesting historical events are connected with the Guamsky Gorge, you can learn about them on an excursion train ride. The narrow-gage railway, built in the 1930s is restored now. The 8 km long narrow gage railway connects the village of Guamka and Mezmay. During the summer, on the repaired section of railway (1.7 km) runs an excursion train with three rail cars that regularly transports tourists.

We invite you to combine the tour with sports activities: canyoning in the valley of the river Kurdzhips, jeeping and zip-sliding with a trolley (cable hang gliding across the gorge), undergo a rope technique course, climb a via ferrata, rise to the Monakhova Cave and see the eponymous waterfall. You can sit back and relax when visiting hot springs near the village. All adventures can be split or combined, depending on how many days you are willing to spend in Guamka Village.

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