Belt of the Blessed Virgin in Porto-Lagos

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Belt of the Blessed Virgin has always been a subject of worship of the Orthodox around the world. Pilgrims from different countries has always tried to Mount Athos to worship this great Orthodoxy shrine. However, not everyone can do this. The monastery of the state has its own strict rules. Only men can get here, and after getting a special permission. Women’s stepping on a land of Mount Athos is strictly prohibited.

Pilgrim Center "Solun", in response to a large number of those wishing to venerate the holy sites of Mount Athos, has developed a special program "The Adoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary Belt", thanks to which many thousands of pilgrims were able to take a cruise around Mount Athos and to venerate the Belt of the Virgin. The first such opportunity came for women. Belt and other holy things were brought on board the monks of the monastery of Vatopedi. However, with the end of summer, the weather is not always conducive to the commission of cruises, and eager to see the relics of Athos and worship it becomes no less.

For those who wish to experience the maternal love of the Virgin, to ask her for protection, blessings, forgiveness and healing from disease for themselves and their loved ones, pilgrim center "Solun" offers a program of "Pilgrimage to Belt of the Holy Virgin in Porto Lagos (on the courtyard of the monastery of Vatopedi)". Women can also do it.

On the way to Porto Lagos - a picturesque town in Thrake on the lake Vistonida, participants will visit the pilgrimage and other holy places. The first stop will be the city of Kavala, where the Apostle Paul first set foot on Greek soil, and began to preach Christianity. His name is associated with many monuments and attractions of the city. You will visit the ancient Philippi, where in the stone dungeon pagans kept in captivity the Apostle, the place where the First-Called Apostle baptized Lydia - the first Christian woman in Europe. Next stop - Neo Carnalho. 

The final destination of our trip - Porto Lagos - St. Nicholas Monastery of Vatopedi.

Today it consists of three active churches. In prayerful quiet, reverence, clean and peace prevailing here, there is a feeling that you are on the Holy Mount Athos, in one of its monasteries.

Our team will take a pilgrimage monk of Vatopedi. The priest tells the history of the monastery, the Belt of the Virgin. With him you can talk about your problems, ask for advice, and ask him questions. Pilgrims will be served a drink and lakoum -Traditional Athos sweetness.

In the main church of monastery it keeps a copy of the miraculous icon of Vatopedi "Vsetsaritsa" known among the faithful of the world to its miraculous gift of healing, especially from oncological diseases (cancer). Copies of icons are also credited with miraculous power. There is also cross-ark with part of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord.

At the second of the three islands of the monastery, in the temple of miraculous icon of the Virgin "Vsetsaritsa", pilgrims will see the very great shrine - the Blessed Virgin Mary Belt. Several times a week it is being brought here from Athos. After the prayer service in honor of the Mother of God, which will make the monks of the Monastery of Vatopedi, all of pilgrims will be able to attach to a belt. Every believer will receive a gift for yourself and your family blessed belt, endowed with the same miraculous powers as the saint Belt.

For worship will be open arks with relics of Great Martyr George, the healer Panteleimon, St. Maximus Vatopedi, and many other saints, also brought from Athos.

On the way back we again go through the bridge where a few decades ago, the St Nicholas came to people.

Great grace it gives to St. Nicholas farmstead presence of St. Nicholas, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Lord Himself. After visiting it physically, you will visit the spirit of the Holy Mount Athos.

* Held in the winter season

* A visit to the holy places provides a certain dress code for men - long pants and closed shoulders; for women - a skirt below the knee, closed line of neck and shoulders (head covering is not required).

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