Loutra in Ariadaeus + Edessa

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The combination of the useful with the pleasant, just so we can call this trip...

Really a fabulous location with indescribable beauty of the mountains, clean air and crystal clear water of mountain streams are waiting for you in the town of Loutraki, near the town of Ariadaeus. "Garden of Eden", as it is called, really impresses even the most discerning traveler.

Rich vegetation, waterfalls, vertiginous gorge, which stretches for 15 km along the river, the mysterious stalagmites cave  - and all this in the midst of green forests, through which flows the river Termopotamos (Greek: warm river) - just fascinates with its beauty. You can visit the well-known since the time of Alexander the Great hot springs spa in the open air.

Therapeutic water for centuries has fruitful influence on human health. The therapeutic properties of water are recommended for the treatment of joints and bones, respiratory system, gynecological and skin diseases, nervous system, blood circulation disorders. Medical bottled water is recommended for diseases of the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, digestive system, as well as poor circulation. Today the clinic has 4 swimming pools (4m x 2.5m), the 50th individual baths and a swimming pool 25m x 12m in size under the open sky.

Waterfalls in our days have become business card of the resort of Edessa. Also attract tourists the other natural beauties of the city: numerous water channels, large green parks (in honor of Alexander the Great, Katarakton, Kiupri), small bridge over water town artery. In Greece, according to experienced travelers, there isn’t more romantic and beautiful city than Edessa. Perhaps that’s why every year it is visited by more and more tourists from all over the world.


*The tour program can be changed in case of force majeure, weather conditions or at the discretion of the tour guide.

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