City Sightseeing tour of Sochi

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Краснодарский край
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This modern 145 km long resort is conveniently located on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region and covers an area of 3506 sq km.

During the excursion, you will visit the Maritime Station, the Riviera Park, the garden-museum "Tree of Friendship", Kurortny Avenue and the Arboretum. You will also see the renowned Winter Theatre, Sochi Art Museum, famous Sochi Rotunda, walk along the seaside promenade, the Park Frunze and other important sites of Sochi.

This botanical garden is an absolute must for every tourist. It has a huge number of species of plants from all over the world. On an area of 50 hectares grow more than 2,500 species of plants from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, South America, Australia, India and Japan.

Riviera Park
Riviera Park is one of the favorite destinations of citizens and guests of our wonderful city. They are attracted by the alleys of exotic trees, fun attractions for adults and children and the Glade of Friendship, visited by politicians, statesmen and many other prominent people of the world, who planted evergreen magnolia trees there.

Kurortny Avenue
Kurortny Avenue of Sochi is the main artery and the front street of the city. Along it lie large spa complexes "Golden Ear" of T. K. Ordzhonikidze, of Frunze and of Voroshilov.

Garden-Museum "Tree of Friendship"
This unique museum of nature is a vivid symbol of friendship. In the garden grow the collections of subtropical fruit and ornamental plants and flower crops- the representatives of 80 botanical families. Among this diversity grows the tree with the most unusual history and destiny – the Tree of Friendship. Planted by the breeder F. M. Zorin for a scientific experiment with the purpose of breeding new variety of mandarin, it produced the collection of 45 citrus species and varieties – the whole garden in the crown of one tree!
The natural monument "33 Waterfall on the Creek Dzhegosh" is one of the most popular excursion sites. In the picturesque valley flow numerous waterfalls and rapids that attract tourists for their peculiar beauty.
During the tour you will see 17 waterfalls. At the entrance to the waterfalls lies the bustling local market, where local traders will treat you to homemade wine, honey and Caucasian dishes of the national Adygei cuisine.

You can also bathe in the river with crystal clear glacier water, visit Kichmayskoe trout farm or have a hearty lunch at a native homestead – the Adygei will offer you meat dishes, fruit and wine and will perform a bright show with folk songs and dances and a demonstration of ancient rites and traditions.

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