Excursion to Abrau Durso with Wine Tastings

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Abrau Durso is the birthplace of Soviet champagne. On a bus tour to the winery “Abrau Durso” you will have an opportunity to explore its viticulture and winemaking methods. The winery is located 60 km from Anapa.

You will drive through the closest to Anapa mountain ranges to the amazing Lake Abrau, recognized as a natural monument of Krasnodar Region, visit the tunnels of the factory "Abrau Durso" - the inner sanctum of champagne production - you will step back in time, touch the history, see the process of making classic champagne, get to know about the properties of sparkling wines, learn to distinguish wine types and, of course, participate in sparkling wine tastings.

Going down to the forty-five-meter deep wine cellars of “Russian Champagne House”, you can get to its most cherished corners – to ancient tunnels, shrouded in legends, where, as the wine-makers believe, the good spirit of the founder – of Prince Golitsyn is still invisibly present and to the legendary winery, where the rarest wines of the best vintages are kept to this day.

You can purchase the wines you liked at the store of the factory. During the tour you will get acquainted with the history of viticulture and winemaking in the Northern Black Sea Region and with modern technology and production of sparkling wines.

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Photo gallery - Excursion to Abrau Durso with Wine Tastings Excursion to Abrau Durso with Wine Tastings

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