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Kreeta saar - Retimno Region
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Pikkus: 24.6893
Laius: 35.4191
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First coastline, a magnificent beach, swimming pools, zones for adults only, services for children, restaurants and bars, a conference center, a spa center, sports and entertainment programs, high-level service.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Pure Senses Spa. A world that has absorbed the best of nature for your health and well-being.

Concept of the Pure Senses Spa is the use of natural products donated by nature itself, in combination with traditional and innovative methods of healing and tidying up the shower and body. Start a new day with harmony!
Pure Senses SPA: fitness center with sauna and hammam - 700 sq.m, indoor heated sea water pool, massage therapist menu, beautician menu, private rooms for individual or family visits, changing rooms and safes in separate areas for men and women, relaxation salon, special stress relief zone, hair and nail treatment, hair salon.

!A new concept - SPA treatments in a unique setting in the open air near the sea (this part of the spa is built in the shape of a cave). This innovative service is offered only at Sensimar Royal Blue Resort & Spa.
Types of therapy
Pure Senses Spa adheres to the Fundamentals of the classification of its treatment depending on the ingredients that represent the different groups of therapy.
World Anne Semonin
• Anne Semonin Facial
• Shine for the eyes by Anne Semonin
• Relaxing hot stone care by Anne Semonin
Delicatessen Pure Senses Spa
Magical world of pleasure for all the senses. A treatment that can be truly enjoyable.
• Chocolate body wrap “Sweet Harmony”
• Bathtub "Eastern Immersion"
• Bath "Red Grapes"
Spices Pure Senses Spa
Cinnamon, ginger, saffron, vanilla ... Bright exotic experience of traveling to the far lands of the East
• Peeling "Exotic East"
• Massage "Magic of Turkey"
• Wrap "Silk Serenity"

Pure Senses Spa Priorities
Care, thought out to the smallest details: from weightless textures and subtle aromas to brilliant ingredients of gold and pearls!
• Therapy Suite "Pearl Spa"
• SPA therapy "Golden Fund"
Facial care
Pure Senses Spa takes the best from nature - extracts of medicinal plants and seafood in the service of your ideal appearance!

  • Anne Semonin Experience The procedure includes special care for the eye area and décolleté. Intense aromatherapy complex of sera stimulates cell renewal, and a neutral firming mask of algae gives radiance to the skin.
  • 100% active cryotherapy from Anne Semonin Strengthening and tightening facial contours aimed at combating the visible signs of aging. Great for mature, dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Deep cleaning Anne Semonin with seafood. Ideal for combination, oily and problem skin.
  • Anne Semonin sun protection (after sunburn). A gentle treatment that soothes super-sensitive, irritated or sun-damaged skin, prone to reddening and irritation.
  • Anne Semonin "Made for Men" Te Phyto - aromatherapy care tailored to your individual needs. Nutritious serum is created after personal consultation and is enriched with essential oils and trace elements. Especially for you.
  • Anne Semonin's “Shining Look” eye area care Detoxification and radiance for tired eyes as well as leveling the complexion.
  • Anne Semonin Super Moisturizing
  • Anne Semonin Instant Moisturizing
  • Anne Semonin Soothing Recovery
  • Relaxing care with hot stones from Anne Semonin After the phyto-aromatic procedure, you should get a hot stone massage aimed at relieving tension and stress.
  • Anne Semonin after-shave treatment for men
  • Unique “Black Pearl” SPA treatment. Exquisite “Black Pearl” procedure allows you to enjoy a “luxury” style treatment.

Body care
Immerse yourself in the world of Anne Semonin's and Germaine De Cappuccini, using only natural ingredients donated by nature itself. Refined spices, pearl extracts and pure essential oil - all for your comfort and relaxation!

  • Black sand scrub with aroma massage The finest black sand from Tahiti is a magnificent natural scrub. In combination with aromatic oils, it literally "sweeps" dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it surprisingly soft, silky and radiant.
  • Anne Semonin Express Peeling with Aromatic Salt This procedure uses aromatic oils and salts that not only cleanse, but also nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and deeply moisturized.
  • Algae wrap. Detoxification by Anne Semonin Detoxification, weight loss and stimulation of energy balance begin with a delicate peeling in combination with algae extracts that improve blood circulation. This is an effective procedure for cleansing the body from toxins and toxins as a result, it nourishes the skin with marine minerals.
  • Anne Semonin Pink Clay Moisturizing Wrap Unprecedented moisture and moisture saturation are designed to restore dry, dehydrated or sun-damaged skin.
  • Anti-cellulite program from Anne Semonin A special treatment program aimed at stimulating water and fat metabolism in the areas of fluid retention and the formation of cellulite.
  • Peeling "Exotic Orient" Peeling based on an incredible blend of the most expensive spices in the world, along with oriental resins, bamboo particles, poppy seeds and nutmeg. The procedure provides moisturizing and saturation of the skin with nutrients.
  • Wrapping "Silk Serenity" Wrapping based on silk extract, the most gentle texture of which lays down like a second skin. The treatment is complemented by a massage with obsidian stones. The skin remains smooth and deeply moisturized for a long time.
  • Chocolate wrapping “Sweet harmony” This soft, warm and pleasant procedure, based on pure cocoa bean extract, acts in three directions: hydration, antioxidant effect and anti-cellulite. Soft cocoa butter nourishes and smoothes the skin, leaving an incredibly "sweet" feeling.
  • Therapy Suite "Pearl Spa" The magic of the moon and the beneficial properties of pearls formed the basis of a sophisticated, multifaceted care, moisturizing, softening, tightening, covering the skin with a thin protective film and giving it a glow.
  • SPA therapy "Golden Fund" The energy of the sun and the "golden threads" formed the basis of active therapy, which protects, stimulates and enriches the skin, preventing its aging and at the same time covering it with the thinnest golden veil.
  • "Cleopatra's secret" The procedure with a deep moisturizing effect. The perfect combination of pititant cream, almond oil and pure essential oils perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, especially on hot summer days.
  • "For two" Romantic treatment for two offers the perfect nutrition and hydration for the skin in a relaxing and sensual atmosphere.


  • Special Massage Combining traditional techniques and innovative discoveries, using exotic spices, shells, stones, etc., we open you to the magical world of complete relaxation.
  • Massage "Magic of Turkey" Is carried out in combination with "Saffron delight." The unique properties of the extract of saffron, which is rubbed into the skin during the massage, act as an antioxidant.
  • Massage "Exotic Ceylon" Conducted in combination with the "Delight of Cinnamon" for special pleasure with the use of shells.
  • Complex obsidian massage This therapy is based on ancient philosophy, combined with the healing properties of onyx and obsidian, extracted in the volcanic depths of Mexico. The result is a state of complete relaxation, which leads to ultimate harmony between body, mind, and soul.
  • Traditional thai massage
  • Aromatherapy full body massage Pure Senses SPA
  • Special Ayurvedic Massage
  • Four hands massage

Fragrant essences, spices, fruits, gifts of the East, combined with the unique sensations of hydromassage, will heal the body and give you unsurpassed pleasure.

  • Eastern Immersion Bath
  • "Cleopatra's bath" with cream
  • Bath "Red Grapes"
  • Thalassotherapy

Hand and foot care
Anne Semonin “Ideal Pens”.
Smoothing care for the forearm area, hands and nails begins with a light peeling and a bath with sea minerals. Massage of cuticles and nails with aromatic oils moisturizes, and a compress with kaolin nourishes and protects the skin, making it perfect. In combination with a manicure you have well-groomed hands and shiny healthy nails.

Anne Semonin's Flawless Feet This nourishing care for your feet and nails begins with a mineral peeling, ideal for softening the skin. Then comes the turn of warm aromatic oils and active serums, followed by a kaolin compress and massage with a rich cream, relieving tension, nourishing and restoring the skin of the feet.

Programs for the day
Get alone and relax. We are waiting for you to care for you, to give a bliss of relaxation and make you younger! Visit the Pure Senses Spa and choose one of the full-day programs.

  • SPA trip from Anne Semonin
  • Aromatic peeling, aromatherapy massage for the whole body, (SPA-lunch), hand care, foot care, moisturizing phyto-aromatic face care.
  • Day for two (pair program) Cabinet for two, moisturizing phyto-aromatic face care, thalassotherapy, (SPA-lunch for two), aromatherapy full body, foot care
  • Anne Semonin program for future mothers Relaxing therapy for those who are preparing for a baby. Care for problem areas returns skin radiance. Complex procedures relieves muscle pain, removes excess fluid from the body, allows you to relieve stress and accumulated fatigue.
  • Amimoni - salt peeling, wrapping with clay, reflexology
  • Ariti - Exotic Orient peeling, Eastern Immersion bath, relaxing body massage
  • Artemis - thalassotherapy, study for two, aromatherapy full body massage
  • Charis - thalassotherapy, massage “Exotic Ceylon”, salt therapy for the feet
  • Lefkothea - thalassotherapy, study for two, anti-stress back massage, Cleptra Sectret
  • Danai - “Cleopatra's Bath” with cream, “Sweet Harmony” chocolate wrap, soothing facial care, eye area care
  • Royal Iris - thalassotherapy, SPA therapy "Golden Fund", complex obsidian massage, luxury therapy "Pearl SPA", refreshing citrus SPA treatment for hands.

Hair Salon:
A haircut; Shaping; Laying; Wedding styling; Washing head; Hair coloring; Highlighting; Giving shine to hair; Straightening naughty hair; Hair treatment; Hair masks.
Waxing: Legs completely; Legs to the knee; Hands full; Hands to elbow; Armpit area; Bikini area; Brazilian bikini; Chin and area above the upper lip; Pure Senses Complex (full legs and bikini area)

Pedicure and manicure: Manicure; Pedicure; French manicure; French pedicure; Spa manicure; Spa pedicure; Nail design - rhinestones (apiece); Shaping and varnishing (hands); Shaping and varnishing (feet); Anne Handles by Anne Semonin; Anne Semonin's Flawless Feet; Refreshing citrus spa care
Make-up: Day make-up; Evening make-up; Wedding make-up

Kasulik info

New era! Renovation 2018
As part of the ongoing period of change, The Royal Blue is a series of important improvements and upgrades, the purpose of which is to improve the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.
Updated all key parts of the hotel (rooms and suites, reception, lobby, bars, restaurants, etc.)
New colors and fresh "summer" mood - a relaxing and comfortable hotel to relax.
New facilities - a new outdoor gym, a new gourmet restaurant exclusively for adults, a new open bar.
Resort’s improved open spaces (including swimming pools and the beach), as well as brand new
Marina right in front of the resort gives a fresh note of nautical-style relaxation.
A range of services for adults only!
Heated swimming pool exclusively for adults, Special beach area for adults only, New gourmet restaurant for couples only, Special area for adults in the main restaurant (buffet - breakfast and dinner), Lounge bar for adults, Romantic concepts of private dining within Spa, Unique dinner concepts for couples in the room, Relaxing massage and treatments for couples.

Starting from 2018, Royal Blue welcomes family holidays with children - first-class service and new facilities: a special playground with a heated swimming pool, fountains and outdoor games, a special family zone in the main restaurant (buffet - breakfast and dinner), with a special buffet only for children; separate entertainment children's areas for children 3-5 years old, 5-12 years old and 12-16 years old. Bluetopia Kids Club. Special events and programs are held throughout the day (gardening, fun cooking - lessons, outdoor activities, etc.).


Northern coast of the island, a few kilometers from the resort village Panormo, 22 km from the Rethymnon and 55 km from the airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” Heraklion, 85 km from the Chania airport , 122 km from the Ag. Nikolaos, 19 km from Arkadi Monastery. Central building and 48 small buildings, 5 elevators.


Bed and Breakfast, Full Board, Half Board

Tubade kirjeldus

Total 187 rooms: Doubles Superior GV / SSV / SV / SF (~ 30 sq.m), Doubles Superior GV Sharing Pool (~ 35 sq.m), Doubles Superior SV Sharing Pool (~ 35 sq.m), Suites Family SV (~ 55 sq.m), Suites Superior Water Front / SV (~ 55 sq.m), Doubles Luxury Private Pool / SV (~ 35 sq.m), Suites Family Private Pool / SV (~ 55 sq.m), Suites Luxury Private Pool / SV (~ 55 sq.m), Villa Luxury Private Pool / SV (~ 69 sq.m), Suites Royal Superior / Water Front / Jacuzzi on Balcony (~ 60-70 sq.m), Suites Royal Luxury Water Front / Private Pool (~ 80 sq.m), Suites Presidential Water Front / Private Pool (~ 135 sq.m).
C 2018 - Improved room service, modernized minibar with local products and wine, the possibility of spa therapy in the room, renovated bathrooms, new colors and atmosphere in the rooms, updated external spaces.
Rooms amenities: central air conditioning with individual remote control, satellite TV, LCD TV, free Wi-Fi Internet, electronic safe (free) - a laptop, a minibar (for an extra charge), a telephone (for an extra charge), coffee / tea making facilities , bathroom (bath, telephone, music, hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers), balcony / terrace. The rooms can have a double bed or 2 single beds.
Superior Double GV (~ 30 sq.m) Comfortable rooms with elegant design. Double bed or 2 single beds, sofa bed.
Superior Double SSV (~ 30 sq.m) Comfortable rooms with elegant design. Double bed or 2 single beds, sofa bed.
Superior Double SV (~ 30 sq.m) Comfortable rooms with elegant design. Double bed or 2 single beds, sofa bed.
Superior Double SF (~ 30 sq.m) Comfortable rooms with elegant design. Double bed or 2 single beds.
Double Superior GV with Sharing Pool (~ 35 sq.m) Comfortable rooms near the common pool with elegant design. Double bed or 2 single beds, sofa bed.
Double Superior SV with Sharing Pool (~ 35 sq.m) Comfortable rooms near the common pool with elegant design. Double bed or 2 single beds, sofa bed.
Suite Family SV (~ 55 sq.m) Located on the second floor of a two-story building. Living room with sofa bed, bedroom with king size bed, balcony with sea view.
Suite Family Private Pool / SV (~ 55 sq.m) Located on the ground floor of a two-story building. Living room with sofa bed, bedroom with king size bed, private pool, sea view.
Suite Superior Water Front / SV (~ 55 sq.m) Living room with a sofa bed, a bedroom with a double bed, a balcony with a jacuzzi.
Double Luxury Private Pool / SV (~ 35 sq.m) Terrace, private pool, minimalist style, sofa bed, double bed.
Suite Luxury Private Pool / SV (~ 55 sq.m) Modern design reflects the architectural concept of the hotel, where clean lines are combined with moderate luxury and tranquility of nature. Private pool, king size bedroom, spacious living room, sofa, furnished terrace.
Villa Luxury Private Pool / SV (~ 69 sq.m) Two-level cottages on the seashore. A luxurious private pool, a terrace with a garden, a bedroom with a king size bed, a sofa bed, a bathtub with aero and hydromassage, a spacious living room and a WC on the lower floor. Calm color palette, modern design, unique sea view.
Suite Royal Superior / Water Front / Jacuzzi on Balcony (~ 60-70 sq.m) Located on the 2nd floor. Panoramic view. Spacious living room, double bedroom, jacuzzi on the balcony, sofa bed.
Suites Royal Luxury Water Front / Private Pool (~ 80 sq.m) Located on the ground floor of a two-story building (ground floor). Furnished terrace with private pool, large living room, sofa bed, king size double bedroom.
Suites Presidential Water Front / Private Pool (~ 135 sq.m) Style maisonettes, living room, sofa bed, comfortable-bedroom with a king size double bed and open-plan marble bathroom, luxurious bath set; furnished terrace with outdoor private pool, separate floor with gym, sauna and indoor pool, fully equipped kitchen, separate entrance, parking.
Royal Blue Card for rooms with private pools - Upgrade.
Advantages: VIP-registration, breakfast in the room, special services, massage (20 min. Free, 1 time per person, adults only), thalassotherapy (1 session per person per stay), gifts upon arrival and departure , an invitation to a weekly cocktail with hotel management. Special offers: Pure Senses Spa - 15% discount on all procedures (excluding other special offers and treatment packages). Jens & More Jewelry Store - 15% discount on gold products, 10% discount on watches and silver, 5% discount on products from the Rebecca & Oxette collection.
Daily cleaning service and linen change

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