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Porto Carras Meliton Hotel 5*

Kuupäev Toa tüüp Majutus Ööd Toitlustus Hotelli toa hind Hotell Öko. Äri.
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Halkidiki-Sithonia Region
Porto Carras
0 m
Pikkus: 23.7937
Laius: 40.0769
New standards travel safe

Luxury hotel, part of the famous hotel complex Porto Carras Grand Resort. It has a private harbor, which is considered the largest in Northern Greece. The hotel’s original architecture is complemented by spacious lounges, restaurants with excellent cuisine, lagoons, recreation areas and a magnificent beach. Green territory, the crystal clear sea and the healing air of the pine forests create favorable conditions for a good rest. At your service a wide choice of numbers, service of the highest class and magnificent Spa-center.
Here you will find a combination of luxury and qualified service that will make your holiday truly unforgettable. An ideal place for conferences and seminars, as well as for family and corporate vacation

Hotelli teenused (29)
  • Arst Payable service

  • Autoparkla Free of charge

  • Helicopter platform

  • Ilusalong Payable service

  • Jahtkluubi

  • Jewerely shop

  • Jõusaal

  • Juuksur Payable service

  • Kai

  • Keemiline puhastus Payable service

  • Konverentsisaal

  • Massaaž Payable service

  • Mini-market

  • Mullivann Payable service

  • Pood

  • Pool with sea water

  • Posti teenused

  • Reception 24 hours

  • Saun Payable service

  • Souvenir shop

  • Spaakeskus

  • Spordikeskus

  • Toateenindus Payable service

  • Transfeer

  • Türgi saun

  • Uksehoidja

  • Valuutavahetus

  • Vee liumäed

  • Wi-Fi internet in public places Free of charge

Rand (5)
  • Lamamistoolid Free of charge

  • Liivarand

  • Päikesevarjud Free of charge

  • Rannarätikud Free of charge

Lastele (7)
  • Lapsehoidja Payable service

  • Laste mäed

  • Laste mänguväljak

  • Laste ujumisala

  • Lastetuba

  • Lastevoodi Free of charge

  • Teenused lastele

Restoranid ja baarid (6)
  • Baar

  • Beach bar

  • Kohvik

  • Pool bar

  • Restoran

  • Taverna

Sport (16)
  • Aeroobika Free of charge

  • Golf Payable service

  • Jalgrattad Payable service

  • Kanuu Payable service

  • Katamaraan

  • Korvpall

  • Lauatennis

  • Minijalgpall

  • Paadirent Payable service

  • Rannavõrkpalli

  • Ratsutamine Payable service

  • Sukeldumine Payable service

  • Tennis

  • Veesport Payable service

Meelelahutus (5)
  • Disko

  • Kasiino

  • Meelelahutus

  • Ööklubi

  • Showprogrammid

Hotelliruumi mugavused (17)
  • Bath set

  • Cleaning, change of towels, change of linen

  • Double bed or 2 single beds

  • Föön

  • Kliimaseade

  • Küte

  • Minibaar Payable service

  • Raadio

  • Rõdu/terrass

  • Satelliit

  • Seif Free of charge

  • Telefon

  • Teler

  • Vann/dušš

  • Vene kanalid

  • Wi-Fi internet Free of charge

Lisainfo (8)
  • 1 magamistuba

  • 1 rannajoon

  • 2 magamistubad

  • Awards

  • Krediitkaardid

  • Majutus lemmikloomadega ei ole lubatud

  • Teenused puuetega inimestele

  • Vene keelt kõnelevad teenindajad

Distance from the beach (1)
  • <100 m

The list of services provided to hotel guests by the system "All Inclusive PREMIUM" 2019
From 09/09/19
BREAKFAST Athos Restaurant 07:30 - 10:30 - American style buffet:
Croissants and Danish freshly baked bread, sandwiches, cold cuts, a variety of cheeses, eggs, hot dishes, traditional pies, oatmeal, a variety of sweets and fresh fruits. Drinks: Water, fruit juices, filter coffee, instant coffee, espresso, cappuccino and a variety of tea.

Restaurant Athos 13.00-15.00 - Mediterranean and Greek cuisine: Self-service restaurant: salads, sauce, hot and cold appetizers, hot dishes, a variety of desserts, ice cream and fresh fruit. Drinks: Water, soft drinks, juices, wine, ouzo, beer.
Beach Bar - Snacks - 11:00 - 17:30. Drinks: Filter coffee, frappe, instant coffee, espresso, cappuccino, water, carbonated drinks, a variety of tea, wine, beer, ouzo, local alcoholic drinks, 30% discount on cocktails.DINNER
Athos Restaurant 19:00 - 21:30 - Mediterranean and Greek cuisine: Self-service restaurant salads, sauce, hot and cold appetizers, hot dishes, a variety of ice cream desserts and fresh fruits. Drinks: Water, soft drinks, juices, wine, ouzo, beer.
Athos Restaurant 19:00 - 21:30 (every Monday).
Self Catering - Greek Buffet. Drinks: Water, soft drinks, juices, wine, ouzo, beer.
Reflections Wine Bar 16:00 - 00:00
Drinks: Coffee filter, frappe, instant coffee, espresso and cappuccino, a variety of tea, water, soft drinks, wine, draft beer, ouzo and local alcoholic drinks. 30% discount on cocktails.Beach Bar 10:00 - 18:00
Drinks: Filter coffee, frappe, instant coffee, espresso and cappuccino, a variety of tea, water, soft drinks, wine, draft beer, ouzo and local alcoholic drinks. 30% discount on cocktails.
Dine Around program
Reflections Wine Bar
Friday - Asian evening (reservation possible) 19:00 - 21:30 Special menu can be for Premium All inclusive customers. Reservation 2 days earlier until 14:00.
Astro / Trattoria
Thursday - Italian evening - (booking possible) 19:00 - 21:30
A special menu can be for Premium All inclusive customers. Reservation 2 days earlier until 14:00.
In room: 2 bottles of mineral water are provided in the room on the day of arrival.
• Advance reservations are required for Asian and Italian nights at Reflections Bar. Please contact the guest services department.
• Guests of the Premium All Inclusive program can use the coffee machine for free; coffee ordered at the bar is paid extra.
• Juices are not freshly squeezed.
• Unlimited consumption of local alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants as indicated.
• Minors (under 18 years old) are not allowed to drink alcohol.
• Food and drink consumption is permitted only in restaurants and bars. No food or beverage is allowed outside the hotel.
• Smoking is prohibited in the hotel premises, bars and public areas.
• Decent clothes (shorts, t-shirts, etc. are prohibited) are required in all restaurants during dinner (extra long shorts are allowed in exceptional cases).
• Local alcoholic drinks: PortoCarras white and red wines, draft beer, ouzo, brandy, vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and aperitifs.
• For safety reasons, drinks by the pools and beaches are served in disposable glasses (not glass).Sports and Entertainment
Gym in SPA Free access (only for persons over 16 years old).
Basketball, beach volleyball, table tennis (ping pong) - free of charge (visit depends on employment).
Kids Club - entertainment programs and creative group events specially designed for younger guests. (The animation program is held 7 days a week).
Golf - Guests staying with the Premium All Inclusive program are provided with a free 1-hour golf driving range (once per stay and includes 1 basket with golf balls) For professional golfers only.Tennis - 1 hour of free use of the tennis court per room for the entire stay (11: 00-12: 00 or 12:00 - 13:00 by appointment and subject to availability).
Water sports - guests staying under the Premium All Inclusive program receive a 20% discount on the use of all types of water sports.
Diving Center - Guests staying under the Premium All Inclusive program receive a 20% discount on visits to the Diving Center.
Excursion to the vineyards and winery Porto Carras Grand Resort (by appointment) - Tour price: adult - 15 euros, child - 7.5 euros. By prior reservation.
Train - a free, daily train ride through the resort (see the schedule in the hotel lobby).
• Free Internet
• All other services according to the main program
• Credit cards accepted: Visa, American Express, Diners, Mastercard

! Any information specified in this information sheet is subject to change for operational reasons and without prior notice.

Marine Therapy Center & SPA occupies an area of ​​4.700 sq.m. 

Indoor sea water pool (for adults only), thalassotherapy pool, high salt pool, 6 hydro, sauna, Hammam, jet showers, 2 fitness centers with Cybex equipment overlooking the pier, 27 rooms and a VIP spa suite Guests where various massages and procedures are carried out using the Elemis cosmetic line, kinisiotherapy and hydro-kinisiotherapy classes, a relaxation room, a manicure and pedicure salon and a hairdressing salon overlooking the pier are held in warm sea water. The entrance to the gym is allowed for persons older than 16 years.

Anti-aging care against fine lines and wrinkles Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, fresh and young-looking skin. Elemis creates the most advanced skin care and anti-aging products using the most effective plant extracts and marine elements, while maintaining natural basis of the formula. Extensive research and clinical tests prove that Elemis formulas help to reduce premature aging of the skin.

Body Care Including some of the Elemis 'best-selling' cosmetics, an extensive range provides results while appealing to your senses with pleasant fragrances.

Men's Care Cleans, shaves, protects, tightens, moisturizes and smoothes the skin with its innovative composition specifically tailored to the demands of men's skin. Using a comprehensive 3-step skin care system has never been easier.

Skin Care Daily program for nourishing, radiant and renewed skin. Being the most effective daily skin care system, Elemis has created a range of advanced high-performance products for every need. Using a mixture of plant-based assets, milk proteins and skin nutritional ingredients, special formulas work in harmony with gentle pH levels to protect against daily stress factors and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your skin.

Thalassotherapy 30 min
The word "thalassotherapy" comes from the Greek words "thalassa" and "therapy", which means treatment with the help of sea water and sea products. The therapeutic results that you get by trying the procedures with the use of sea water enriched with various minerals, which in turn have a strong anti-inflammatory and muscular - relaxing effect, will be unique.

Vichy Sea Shower Massage 30 min
A therapeutic procedure using a storm shower combines the beneficial effects of sea water with the therapeutic benefits of rain while our massage therapists give you a relaxing massage.

Tonic Sea Shower Jet 20 min
High pressure jet toning using sea water that is directed to every part of the body. It improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue. It is also an ideal procedure for preparing your body for any other medical procedure, wonderfully combining with all.

Bath De Luxe Capsule 25 min
25 min steam treatment - both aromatherapy and color therapy - and then a rain shower (fresh water in the form of small droplets runs along the entire length of the body inside an ultra-modern capsule).


Deep Tissue Muscle Massage 1h
Relieves stress, relieves muscle pain and repulses the senses, with the help of this potent, specially selected massage. Dynamic blends of essential oils are focused on meeting individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.
Make your choice:
Stress-a-Way: Stop and release the stress of the day.
Spirit Reviver: Strengthen strength and replenish with energy.
Muscle Melt: Relax and restore energy in a tired and painful body.
Chakra Balancing: Reunite your mind, body and soul.

Deep Tissue Back Massage 30 min. Maximum results in stress relief, in minimal time. Specifically focused on the back, shoulder girdle and neck, where it is particularly necessary.

Roman Bath Back Massage 30 min. The luxury of the Roman bath of the hotel Meliton. Enjoy the aromas of essential oils and a relaxing back massage, as the ancient Romans did.

Aroma Stone Therapy 75 min. The heat of this therapy is gradually distributed deep into the muscles to achieve a completely new impression. Small stones are distributed to key energy points, while luxurious heated oils are deeply massaged throughout the body for maximum relaxation.

Physio Massage 30/50 min. To achieve maximum results in stress relief, you just have to trust yourself to the hands of our massage therapists, who will lead you through the paths of the “world of feelings” and relieve you of the symptoms of fatigue and stress using unique therapeutic techniques, focusing on key trigger points. and painful muscular system.

Greek Herb Aromatherapy 50 min. Relieve tension with traditional Greek ingredients. Trust the healing properties of nature using healing herbs that have been used for hundreds of years thanks to their healing properties. Combining essential oils from rosemary, thyme, juniper, oregano, basil, cypress and lavender will revive your senses.

Reflexology 30 min. A unique foot massage based on the most ancient method, according to which manual pressure on reflex points has an effect on internal organs and the human body as a whole. Acupressure affects natural renewal and body recovering .

Ayurveda 50 min. The oldest method of India using warm oil for a tonic effect and relief of muscle pain.

Anti-Cellulite massage 20 min. Intensive and stimulating massage for problem areas of the body using essential oils to get rid of cellulite and orange peel effect. In perfect combination with Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy this procedure will provide maximum results.

Body Procedures  – Body Therapy

Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow 30 min Body scrub to refresh and refresh the skin. After a light brushing with a special brush of cactus needles, warm oils are dripping over the entire surface of the body and then applying Eletic Exotic Lime Ginger Salt Glow (Exotic salt polishing with Lime and Ginger). The skin is deeply cleansed and moisturized, it becomes luminous and resonating, restored and flawless.

Exotic Coconut and Milk ritual Wrap 45 min. Preheated Elemis. Nourishing milk for the body and baths watered all over the body before wrapping it in foil or dry float. This luxury therapy is great for smoothing and softening, combined with a point facial massage and head therapy for
stress relief.

Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap 45 min. Fragrant Frangipani flowers and coconuts from Tahiti in combination with each other produce Monoi, which are watered on the body and then wrapped in foil or dry float. Moisture-impregnated skin receives maximum radiance, vitality and healthy skin tone throughout the body.

Musclease AromaSpa Ocean Wrap 75 min. Soothing wrap with foil or unique dry float and therapeutic acupressure face massage, as well as stress-relieving head massage. Using warm mixtures of Essential Oils, this specialized therapy helps relieve pain and tension in the muscles.

Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy 1h Clinically proven, fighting deep cellulite and sagging skin in this therapy leads to noticeable quick results. The use of a peeling body mask in combination with a deep cleansing massage helps to make the skin smoother and more elastic, stimulates blood circulation and reduces fluid retention. Cleans the colon with abdominal massage and
helps to flush toxins from the body, working from the inside.

Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap 75 min. Wrap yourself in a cocoon with foil or dry float and receive a point facial massage and therapy to relieve stress from your head. This smart therapy helps to get rid of cellulite and discomfort from fluid retention in the body. The body restores vital energy and leaves the skin silky and smooth.

Hot Chocolate 75 min. Give yourself a trip to the world of chocolate therapy, which will provide you with joy and emotions, awakens feelings and harmony, reunites body and soul, filling the room with a wonderful chocolate aroma. The body is cleaned with peeling. After that, a gentle chocolate composition is applied, which massages the body. At the end of the procedure, a cream with cocoa flavor is applied. Imagine your body
Covers dark chocolate, bringing you into a state of relaxation and harmony.

Face care procedures 

Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial 75 min. It has been clinically proven that after just one therapy, the number of wrinkles decreases to 94% * and the skin's elasticity increases by 57% *. The use of strong professional compositions for maximum efficiency, make the skin more elastic, taut, rejuvenated. * Independent Clinical Trials 2007

Visible Brilliance Booster Facial 30 min With revolutionary results, this anti-aging therapy instantly tightens, rejuvenates and rounds the skin, At the same time helping the skin with reducing dark circles. It has been clinically proven that the skin's moisture level increases to 61% * and elasticity (elasticity) to 40% * in just one therapy. * Independent Clinical Trials 2004

Elemis Fruit Active Glow 1h Returns the brilliance of a lifeless face build. The skin is deeply cleansed and stimulated by a specialist in Oriental massage techniques, while the strongest elements nourish and renew the vital radiance.

Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial 50 min
Created by a revolutionary technology that combines advanced plant stem cells, nutrient-rich natural lipids and strengthens the active substances of plants. Strong lifting methods that are designed for sagging cheeks, neck and chin, which at the same time help reduce puffiness and fluid retention associated with loose skin. 69% of women said that their face contours were created, got stronger and were brought up * 90% of women said that sagging on cheeks and a neck considerably improved * 82% of women said that they would like to postpone plastic surgeries and/or Botox, procedures behind leaving of face skin *
Tightening using Pro-Intense Program and New Pro-Intense Super System at home. Independent Results of consumer researches on the basis of 49 subjects, July, 2013

Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew 1h Allow your skin to increase moisture. After a facial massage by our specialist, the skin will be filled with thirst-quenching assets, which will give the skin a healthy, refreshing look.

Elemis Modern Skin Facial (all skin types) 1h Returns balance and radiance to stressed skin. The procedure is designed for complex skin exposed to the stresses of modern life. Using a formula rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this cleansing procedure promotes the elimination of harmful toxins, regeneration of skin cells and regulation of sebaceous gland secretion. The result is more clean, radiant and balanced skin.

Elemis Taster Facial 30 min. This familiarizing facial therapy provides a quick and instant tone for any upcoming event.

Skin IQ + Facial 75 min. It has been clinically proven that this therapy is designed to meet the needs of our rhythm of life against the effects of aging from frequent shaving, environmental pollution and constant travel, providing men with a final recovery.
skin with maximum anti-aging results. * Independent Clinical Trials 2006


Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual 2 h Choose from Elemis unique therapies: Advanced Anti-Aging or Skin Solutions Facials combined with the powerful Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle deep muscle massage Massage. Two-hour rest with unique results!

Elemis Total Time Out 2 h Anti-Aging Elemis Skin IQ + Facial facial treatment combined with a dynamic and deep massage Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, which instantly relieves muscle tension. Procedure for complete relaxing!

Detox & Tonic 2h 30 min
Tonic Sea Shower Jet 20 ’
Elemis Modern Skin Facial 60 ’
Elemis Musclease Aroma Spa 75 ’

Relaxing auty beauty 3 h
Thalassotherapy 30 ’
Manicure pedicure
Elemis Skin Specific Facial 60 ’
Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage 30

Royal Spa Day 3h 45 min

Thalassotherapy Pool 30 ’

Elemis Pro ‐ Collagen Quartz Lift Facial 75 ’

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand & Nail Treatment 30 ’

Elemis Sole Delight Foot Treatment 30 ’

Thai Μassage 50 ’or Ayurveda 60’

Vip Men’s Spa 3 h 15 min

Thalassotherapy 30 ’

Vichy Sea Shower Massage 45 ’

Elemis Skin IQ Facial Men 75 ’

4 hands Massage

Cellulite & Slimming 2 h 30 min
Tonic Sea Water Jet 20 ’
Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa
Ocean Wrap 75 ’
Elemis Body Sculpting
Cellulite & Colon Therapy 60 ’
* For best results we recommend to use
Cellulite and Slimming treatments for 3 days

For Two 2 h 30 min
This service is provided only in the VIP suite, exclusively for couples. Thalassotherapy 30 ’ Elemis Modern Skin Facial x 2 60 ’ Combined with De Stress Eye Treatment Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage x 2 60 ’ Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Treatment 30min Heated aromatic therapeutic oils nourish and condition neglected feet and nails. Due to the strong moisturizing, coarsened heels are restored and softened, richly healing and healing your skin. Therapy can be extended to 60 minutes including a pedicure.

Elemis Sole Delight Grooming for Feet 30min Katikuly and nails are well-groomed and strengthened, while the unusual Elemis Nourishing milk for skin and bath in combination with rejuvenating Pro-Collagen cream for hands and nails intensively moisturizes them - for irresistibly smooth, and young skin of hands. Therapy can be extended up to 75 minutes, including manicure.

Hairdressing salon
The beauty salon provides a full range of hairdressing services: from the usual hairstyle or haircut to the bride's haircut and the variety of hair care procedures that will make you irresistible. 

Gym, Roman bath, sauna, indoor pool.

Completely equipped gym which includes: racetracks, bicycles, Step exercise machines, and another it is necessary ое the equipment for daily trainings at choice.

The Finnish sauna began to be used by the person more, than 1000 and moreover years back. Finns also used a sauna in the medical purposes.

Hammam – Roman bath
This is a room that operates with steam. The use of steam, as is known from history, helps in improving the functioning of the circulatory system, in removing toxins from the body, in improving metabolism, and for muscle relaxation.


Visit to Thalassotherapy & Spa Center
1. With your arrival in the spa - you will be provided with a locker with a key, bathrobe and slippers.
2. We ask you to remove jewelry and clothes - it is preferable to move around in the SPA premises in a bathrobe, swimsuit or in underwear.
3. In case you wish to receive disposable underwear - please ask your therapist for it.

4. If  treatment includes the use of a swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas and / or hammam - please have a swimsuit. In order to hygiene - before you plunge into the pool - we ask you to take a shower.
5. Hammam simultaneously visited by both men and women.
6. Please ensure that all your valuable items are locked in your locker. The administration does not bear any responsibility in case of loss or damage to your personal belongings.
7. In order to show respect for other SPA visitors, we ask you to turn off your mobile phones.

Check in
It is advisable to stay in the Spa at least 15 minutes before the start of the procedure.
In order to show respect for other SPA visitors and therapists, we want to inform you that if you are late to the start of the procedure - the lost time will be deducted from the procedure, while the payment will have to be made in full, according to the price list. We ask you to tell us the necessary information about your health.

During a procedure To inform the therapist about how you feel: tell me whether it is hot or cold, if the pressure is too strong or vice versa. Therapists during the procedures should not talk, except when you want to communicate with them. Their goal, like all of us, is to provide you with a refreshing and relaxing effect.

Cancellation Policy In case of cancellation of the procedure, it is necessary to inform us about this, at least 24 hours before the appointed time. Otherwise, the procedure will be charged in the amount of 50%.

After the procedure
We invite you to relax in the Relax Room Spa - center. Here you will find fruits, soft drinks and different types of tea. We advise you not to sunbathe for at least 3 hours after the procedure in order to improve, as much as possible, the result obtained.


For any proposal or complaint, please contact the manager or director of the Spa.

In order to ensure safety, children under 16 years old are not allowed to visit the Spa, indoor swimming pools and sports halls.

We remind you that smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of the hotel.

Kasulik info

BLUE FLAG - 2018!
First in Greece with the 89th “Blue Flags” in 2018 was the Peninsula of Chalkidiki, 3 of which received the luxury complex Porto Carras Grand Resort, as noted by the Greek Society for Environmental Protection. For 19 years, the resort receives the Blue Flag annually, which is the culmination of environmental policy on environmental protection.
“Blue Flag” is the most famous and widespread symbol of environmental quality in the world. Awarded since 1987 to beaches and marinas that meet stringent cleanliness criteria.
The prerequisite for awarding the coast with the “Blue Flag” is the cleanliness of the water as “excellent”. Reward is valid for one year. For many years, Porto Carras Grand Resort maintains the purity of the water and the natural beauty of the coastline at the highest level. The beaches are regularly cleaned and hygiene is maintained.


Sithonia peninsula, 2 km from Neos Marmaras, 105 km from the airport "Macedonia", Thessaloniki.

Tubade kirjeldus

479 rooms in total: 4 Deluxe Single (24-26 sq.m), Deluxe Double Guestrooms (32-36 sq.m), Junior Suites (~ 42-44 sq.m), Family Rooms (~ 42-44 sq.m ), Executive Suites (~ 56-65 sq.m), Luxury Suites (~ 64-86 sq.m), Sailor Suites (~ 93 sq.m), Grand Suites (~ 83-111 sq.m), Premium Suites (~ 92-107 sq.m), Presidential Suite (~ 114 sq. m), Royal Suites (up to 166 sq.m). All suites - with sea view or side view of the sea and the golf course. Part of the rooms was updated in 2016.
Security deposit upon arrival at the hotel! Upon arrival at the hotel during check-in, guests must provide a credit card as a guarantee of payment for possible additional consumption, in case guests do not have a credit card, an advance deposit of 100 euros per room is left.
In the rooms: air conditioning (with individual control), heating, mini-bar (at extra charge), direct dial telephone, voice mail, satellite TV (Russian channel, music channels), plasma TV, radio, Pay TV (in all suites), safe (free of charge), Wi-Fi internet (free of charge), marble bathroom (bath), bath with hydromassage (in some rooms), makeup and shaving mirror, hairdryer, bath accessories, smoke detectors, sound insulation, furnished balcony, view of sea ​​/ golf course. Daily cleaning service and linen change.

Meliton Suites Program (for Luxury Suite, Premium Suite, Sailor Suite, Grand Suite, Presidential Suite and Royal Suite)
Welcome letter in the room, priority check in / check out, exclusive Guest Relations service.
Amenities: Welcome package on arrival - fresh fruit, a bottle of mineral water (1 l), local delicacies, canapés, a bottle of organic organic wine Porto Carras.
Bathrobes and slippers, Nespresso coffee machine, electric kettle, pillow menu (downy, anti-allergenic, anatomical), vip bath set, free Wi-Fi.
Breakfast (buffet) in the Vip restaurant "Crystals" (08.00-11.00).
VIP Meliton Suites lounge - TV, DVD-player, a small library, newspapers.
Services of the Thalassotherapy Center and SPA (free access) - sauna, Turkish bath, gym, indoor sea water pool (per person per day).
Private Beach Meliton (beach) - Fresh hand towels and sliced ​​fresh seasonal fruits are provided.
Departure day - late check-out is subject to availability. It is necessary to warn the department of Guest Relations at least one day before departure.

! The suite program may have some changes during the season.

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