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Ateena Region
Pikkus: 23.7492
Laius: 37.9751
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Included in the luxury collection of the best hotels in the world "The Leading Hotels of the World".
Exquisite five star hotel in the heart of Athens. Located near the business center and the trendy Kolonaki shopping district. Unique panoramic view of the city, Mount Lycabet and the Acropolis. Comfortable rooms, luxurious furniture, restaurants, bars, a conference center, a health club and a spa. Perfect choice for an exclusive vacation.

Hotelli teenused (18)
  • Arst Payable service

  • Autoparkla

  • Business Center

  • Ilusalong

  • Indoor heated pool

  • Jõusaal

  • Juuksur Payable service

  • Keemiline puhastus Payable service

  • Konverentsisaal

  • Massaaž Payable service

  • Pood

  • Reception 24 hours

  • Saun Payable service

  • Spaakeskus

  • Toateenindus Payable service

  • Ujula soojendusega

  • Uksehoidja

  • Wi-Fi internet in public places Free of charge

Restoranid ja baarid (3)
  • Baar

  • Kohvik

  • Restoran

Sport (2)
  • Golf

  • Tennis

Hotelliruumi mugavused (12)
  • Bath set

  • Cleaning, change of towels, change of linen

  • Föön

  • Kliimaseade

  • Minibaar Payable service

  • Satelliit

  • Seif Free of charge

  • Telefon

  • Teler

  • Vann/dušš

  • Vene kanalid

  • Wi-Fi internet Free of charge

Lisainfo (5)
  • 1 magamistuba

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Breakfast (BB), Half Board (HB)

The Peak Health Club & SPA

SPA facilities: gym, swimming pool on the 9th floor ( open in summer , covered in winter ), sauna, beauty treatments for face and body using methods St. Barth, Thalgo, Anne Semonin, manicures, pedicures , waxing , complex programs , massage.


St. Barth Freshness Freshness (90 min) Facial and décolleté . Hand massage fresh papaya, pineapple and cucumber mousse. The final touch gives massage with vanilla aroma, delicate lily flower tiara and the Caribbean. Skin becomes noticeably freshness.

St. Barth Pureness (60min) Facial and décolleté. Soft hand, face, neck and décolleté massage.

Treatment with fresh flavors , natural elixirs, natural vitamins and minerals .

St.Barth Softness (30 min) and velvety softness. Relaxing peeling massage effect and velvety smooth skin with fresh papaya, yogurt and special sea sand. Pure coconut oil provides lasting results.

St.Barth Elasticity ( 30 min) Elasticity Body mask with clay and pineapple mousse or cucumber. This intensive therapy improves appearance of the skin and enriches it with valuable vitamins and minerals. Ivy, menthol and camphor strengthen the tissues of the body, while avocado oil supplements skin with important nutrients.

St.Barth Sensation (50 min ) Luxurious body mask with a relaxing massage . Provides the skin with intense hydration. Choose your favorite flavor: vanilla, delicate flowers or exotic tiare lilies. All skin becomes noticeable velvety and smooth.

St.Barth Harmony ( 60 min) Light massage with intensive skin care , according to its needs. Warm coconut oil for intensive feeding particularly dry skin , avocado oil for particularly sensitive skin or ivy gel and menthol oil to strengthen the tissue and skin layers.

St.Barth Slimming ( 25min ) Quick removal of heavy legs , strengthening the veins and stimulating the lymphatic system . Menthol and camphor promote activation of microcirculation.


Thalgo Facial Facials


Ritual of Purity ( 90 min) This individual treatment for cleansing all skin types.

Facial Massage ( 30 min) Relaxing facial massage , moisturizing facial massage including neck area .

Wrinkle Control - Smooth Decrease (75 min) Control wrinkles. Innovation with Thalgo Wrinkle Hyalouronic acid.

Elixir Exceptional Mask ( 75 min ) (Thalgo new exclusive rejuvenating method) Intensive therapy for all the signs of aging by using extract , rich in natural seaweed hormones.

Brightening Range (60min) procedure against the sun's harmful rays. Restores skin 's natural whiteness and shine.

Terre & Mer ( 60min ) This is the first organic treatment Thalgo. Makes the skin soft and moisturizes.

Thalgo Body Care

Aromaceane Slimming (60 min) A body wrap using effective essential oils with natural sea mud. Reflexology massage.

Thalgo Mince LC24 ( 60 min) Wrapping LC24 Thalgo with advanced components. Intensive treatment of localized cellulite , stretch marks slows down on the thighs , legs , buttocks .

Indoceane - Orient Serenitty (90 min) A unique massage and wrap for complete relaxation .

Ocean Memory (90 min) Intensive treatment - swimming.

Mer and Sens ( 80 min) The procedure is based on minerals and their interaction with the marine environment. Gives the effect of deep relaxation.

Classic Algotherapy or Seaweeds application ( 30 min) The entire body is covered with a layer of hot algae to optimize penetration of trace elements.

Anne Semonin Signature Collection- Special facial treatments

The Anne Semonin facial experience ( 1hr 25 min) The procedure for the face, eyes , neck and chest. (Peeling, lymphatic massage, mask, cream)

Anne Semonin 100 % Active De-Crease facial treatment (55 min) Therapy for suspenders, toning and luster (Peeling, lymphatic massage, mask, cream) .

Anne Semonin Deep Marine Purifying Facial (1 hour 15 min) Facial peeling, steam, lymphatic massage, mask, cream.

Anne Semonin Soothing Remedy Facial (55 min) Procedure that moisturizes skin after sunburn ( Lymphatic massage, mask , skin care eye moisturizer ).

Anne Semonin Phyto-Aromatic Facial Collection - Simple facial treatment.

Peeling, massage, mask, active serums, creams.

Extreme Moisture Phyto-Aromatic Facial ( 55 minutes ), moisturizing treatment .

Ultra Firming Phyto-Aromatic Facial ( 55 min) procedure for tightening and giving density.

Pure Skin Phyto-Aromatic Facial ( 55 min) Purifying treatment .

Anne Semonin Collection for Eyes and Décolleté - eyes and neck

Anne Semonin Eye-Lift Firming Treatment (25 min) therapy for the eyes, lift wrinkles.

Anne Semonin Eye Brilliance Treatment ( 25 min) Procedure when bags or dark circles under the eyes.


Anne Semonin Collection for Face and Back

Anne Semonin Serenity Treatment with Hot Stones ( 1hr 25 min)  Back, neck and shoulders massage, hot stones and aromatic relaxation, facial therapy phyto aromatic.

Anne Semonin Complete Harmony Treatment ( 1 hour 15 minutes )  Head, back and shoulders massage and face phyto-aromatic therapy.

Men Anne Semonin Deep Clean Detox Facial ( 1 hour 15 minutes ) Deep cleansing facial treatment (peeling, steam, lymphatic massage , serum , cream)

Anne Semonin Made To Measure Grooming Facial ( 55 minutes ) Facial phyto-aromatic , depending on the needs of your skin.

Anne Semonin Body Therapy Collection Body Treatments


De-Stress Phyto-Aromatic Massage ( 50 min) Relaxing massage .

Body Fitness Phyto-Aromatic Massage ( 50 min ) Deep massage with a lot of pressure .

Uplifting Phyto-Aromatic Massage ( 50 minutes ) Quick toning massage

Detoxifying Phyto-Aromatic ( 50 min) Massage detokikatsii , fast effect on cellulite .

Blissful Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage ( 25 min) Express massage with warm aromatic oils back, neck and shoulders.

Deep Release Massage with Hot Stones ( 1 hour 15 min) Body massage with basalt black stones in combination with essential oils.

Anne Semonin Made to Measure WrapsCollection Special body treatments

Anne Semonin Hydrating Pink Kaolin Clay Body Envelopment ( 55 min) Deep moisturizing body skin .

Anne Semonin Detoxifying Spirulina Wrap ( 55 min) Detoxification and slimming with body wraps, masks from algae ( spirulina ) and moisturizer.

Anne Semonin Firming Spirulina Booster Envelopment ( 55 min) procedure for tightening the body.

Anne Semonin Sea Salt and Aromatic Oil Wrap & Scrub ( 55 min) and moisturizing exfoliation using sea salt from the Dead Sea , essential oils , body wraps, head massage , moisturizer.

Anne Semonin Express Aromatic Salt Exfoliation ( 25 minutes ) Quick peeling with Dead Sea salts and essential oils.


Little therapy

Anne Semonin Anti-Stress Back Therapy (45 min) Anti Stress Back Treatment with heated mud.

Anne Semonin Anti-Cellulite Therapy (55 min) Local therapy against cellulite. Peeling with salt from the Dead Sea combined with essential oils, anti-cellulite massage , mask .

Anne Semonin Perfect Hands Treatment ( 30 minutes ) Hand Therapy ( peeling, mask ) manicure.

Anne Semonin Soul Foot Therapy ( 30 min) Foot Therapy (mask, special oil polish, cream) .

Anne Semonin Exclusive Treatment Packages

Special Packages procedures Ultimate Face and Body Ritual ( 2:00 hours)

♦ Sea salt and aromatic oil wrap & scrub. (Body peeling with Dead Sea salts combined with essential oils, moisturizer) .

♦ Pyto aromatic facial. Cleansing, moisturizing and facelifts .

Heavenly And Stress Face and Body Experience ( 2:00 30min)

♦ Anti-srtess back therapy. Back massage , self-heating mud, moisturizer.

♦ Phyto-aromatic facial. Facial treatments (peeling, massage, mask , serum) .

♦ Eye brilliance. Special procedure for black circles under the eyes ( special massage with serum , eye mask , neck massage , neck , shoulders, cream) .

Face and Body Detox Therapy ( 3:00 hours )

♦ Anti-cellulite therapy. Detoxification , local therapy against cellulite (peeling with Dead Sea salts , essential oils , massage, anti-cellulite , mask, cream) .

♦ Anti-srtess back therapy. Therapy for the back with self-heating mud , massage, moisturizer.

♦ Facial phyto-aromatic. Face therapy . According to the type of skin (peeling , lymphatic massage, mask , serum for the skin around the eye cream) .

Hot Aroma - Stone Face and Body Ritual ( 3 hours 30 minutes)

♦ Sea salt and aromatic oil wrap & scrub. Exfoliation and moisturizing.

♦ Hot stone massage face & body. Massage with hot volcanic stones combined with essential oils for the face and body.

♦ Facial phyto-aromatic. The procedure is suitable for your skin type (peeling lymphatic massage, serum, mask, cream).

Other aesthetic procedures
Manicure, Pedicure, French manicure, French pedicure, waxing.

Spa opening hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:30


Located in the city center, 28km from “Elevtherios Venizelos” international airport, closely located to Kolonaki shopping center – the heart of fashionable boutiques, popular cafes and fine restaurants, also, the hotel is closely located to the major Museum of Cyclades islands and National Art Gallery in Athens. 


Bed and Breakfast, Room Rate

Tubade kirjeldus

Total 471 rooms: Standard Rooms (~ 25 sq.m), Triples Standard (~ 25 sq.m), Superior Rooms (~ 30 sq.m), Executive Rooms (~ 30 sq.m), Family Rooms (~ 45 sq.m) .m), Suites Deluxe (~ 55 sq.m), Suites Divine (~ 55 sq.m), Suites Executive (~ 55 sq.m), Suites Family (~ 45 sq.m), Suites Superior (~ 55 sq.m) .m), Suites Acropolis View (~ 55 sq.m), Suites Lycabettus View (~ 51 sq.m), Suites Premier (~ 51 sq.m).
Rooms amenities: air conditioning, minibar (for a fee), satellite TV, Russian channel, telephone with answering machine, hairdryer, free Wi-Fi Internet, safe (free), bathroom (bathtub / shower), soundproof windows.
Type add. beds are standard.
Standard Rooms (~ 25 sq.m) Double bed or 2 single.
Triples Standard (~ 25 sq.m) Double bed or 2 single beds and a sofa.
Superior Rooms (~ 30 sq.m) Double bed or 2 single beds, bathrobes and slippers.
Executive Rooms (~ 30 sq.m) Double bed or 2 single beds, bathrobes and slippers, coffee machine, access to the Executive Lounge.
Family Rooms (~ 45 sq.m) Double bed or 2 single beds and a sofa bed.
Suites Superior (~ 55 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set.
Suites Divine (~ 55 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set.
Suites Family (~ 45 sq.m) A bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a sofa bed, a coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, a luxurious bath set.
Suites Deluxe (~ 55 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set.
Suites Executive (~ 55 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set.
Suites Acropolis View (~ 55 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set, veranda.
Suites Lycabettus View (~ 51 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed or 2 single beds, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set.
Suites Premier (~ 51 sq.m) Bedroom with a double bed, living room, coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers, 2 TVs, luxurious bath set.

Daily cleaning service, linen change - 3 times a week.

Keel: Estonian