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Danai Beach Resort & Villas 5* Deluxe

Kuupäev Toa tüüp Majutus Ööd Toitlustus Hotelli toa hind Hotell Öko. Äri.
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Halkidiki-Sithonia Region
0 m
Pikkus: 23.6282
Laius: 40.2278
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Included in the luxury collection of the best hotels in the world "The Leading Hotels of the World".
Exquisite hotel located on the magnificent azure coast of the Aegean Sea. Consists of 9 buildings and villas (one-story, two-story and one three-story). Spacious comfortable suites and villas, unique design, restaurants, bars, swimming pool, private pools, 24-hour room service, shops, kids club, luxury spa. Enchant the purest air of this paradise, it's lush vegetation along the luxurious sandy beach. An ideal place for an unforgettable exclusive vacation.

Hotelli teenused (21)
  • Autoparkla

  • Helicopter platform

  • Ilusalong Payable service

  • Indoor pool

  • Jõusaal Free of charge

  • Keemiline puhastus Payable service

  • Massaaž Payable service

  • Mullivann

  • Ööadministraator Payable service

  • Pood

  • Pool with sea water

  • Private Pool

  • Saun Free of charge

  • Sharing Pool Payable service

  • Spaakeskus

  • Spordikeskus

  • Türgi saun Free of charge

  • Ujula

  • Ujula soojendusega

  • Valuutavahetus

  • Wi-Fi internet in public places Free of charge

Rand (4)
  • Lamamistoolid Free of charge

  • Liivarand

  • Päikesevarjud Free of charge

  • Rannarätikud Free of charge

Lastele (4)
  • Lapsehoidja

  • Laste mänguväljak

  • Laste miniklubi

  • Laste toitlustus

Restoranid ja baarid (5)
  • Beach bar

  • Grill

  • Main restaurant

  • Pool bar

  • Restaurant a la carte

Sport (4)
  • Sukeldumine Payable service

  • Tennis Payable service

  • Vee jalgratas Free of charge

  • Veesport Free of charge

Meelelahutus (1)
  • Meelelahutus

Hotelliruumi mugavused (16)
  • Bath set

  • Bathrobes and slippers

  • Cleaning daily

  • Föön

  • Kliimaseade

  • Küte

  • Minibaar Payable service

  • Rõdu/terrass

  • Satelliit

  • Seif Free of charge

  • Teenus "äratuskell"

  • Telefon

  • Teler

  • Vann/dušš

  • Vene kanalid

  • Wi-Fi internet Free of charge

Lisainfo (12)
  • 1 magamistuba

  • 1 rannajoon

  • 2 magamistubad

  • 3 magamistubad

  • Activities

  • Deluxe

  • Krediitkaardid

  • Luksuslik

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  • Majutus lemmikloomadega

  • Teenused puuetega inimestele

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Plunge into the world of relaxation and unforgettable feelings in Danai SPA! Feel the fusion with nature, trusting the hands of experienced professionals. Here you will find the connection between the healing power of the energy of air and water.

Danai Spa offers wellness programs for skin care.
Massage of all kinds: relaxing, draining, healing, classic and specialized "St. Baths" using essential oils, thalassotherapy.
Guests services: gym, Turkish bath for skin healing and respiratory tract treatment, Laconium biosauna, Finnish sauna, soft-mode sauna, bronze-finished jacuzzi for fatigue relief, pool overlooking the Aegean Sea.

All procedures are performed using special Japanese equipment.

Danai Spa offers a truly natural and extraordinary cosmetics with its individual methods, for the first time in Greece, according to the motto: LOOK - REMOVE STRESS - CHARGE ENERGY

Take care of the body so that the soul wants to live in it!

3 cosmetic procedures (with individually selected facial massage, mask with active substances, ampoule, peeling, face cleansing and eyebrow correction)
2 individual face massages, eyelashes and eyebrows tinting
2 brush body massages along the meridians
1 Hydrovlies or 1 Beautywachsmodellage make the skin silky and toned
Manicure, pedicure classic with a clear varnish
Hand mask, 1 paraffin hand mask ("velvet hands" treatment of brittle and weak nails)
Relaxing or stimulating bath and full body peeling
2 body masks
2 full body massages

2 cosmetic procedures (see the description of the 5-day procedures)
1 individual face massage, eyelash and eyebrow tinting
2 brush body massages along the meridians
Manicure, classic pedicure with clear varnish, paraffin hand mask or relaxing massage
Relaxing or stimulating bath and full body peeling
1 body mask and 2 full body massages

1 cosmetic procedure (see the description of the 5-day procedures)
1 individual face massage, eyelash and eyebrow tinting
1 brushing body massage along the meridians
Manicure or pedicure classic with clear varnish
Relaxing or stimulating bath or full body scrub
1 body mask and 1 massage full body massage

Treat yourself to a gentle care from head to your feet GG  
"DE LUXE" ( 3.5 hours)
Welcome tea (white tea) and cosmetologist's consultation
Luxurious cosmetic procedure (with individually selected facial massage, mask with active substances, ampoule, peeling, facial cleansing and eyebrow correction)
Body scrub, relaxing bathroom followed by wrapping
Manicure or cosmetic pedicure
Body massage
Vitamin Canapes
Little makeup and skin care tips

"JUST RELAX" (2.5 hours)
Tea to remove toxins from the body and consult a beautician
Cosmetic procedure for face, neck and decollete
Cleansing the body of toxins, scrub (Mont Halit)
Full body wrap, helps detoxify, moisturize and improve skin tone (Mont Halit)
Body massage
Vitamin Canapes
Little makeup and skin care tips

"AYURESAN FACE & BODY" (2.5 hours)
Natural beauty and well-being in the best traditions of AYURVEDA.
Greatly relaxing aromarelaksterapiya with casting warm Ayurvedic oil, delicate smell of selected natural emulsions and exquisite essences from sesame oil, oranges, roses, geranium. increases immunity. In general, massage relieves tension and blockade, providing deep sleep, greatly improving well-being.
Welcome tea and relaxing foot bath
Gentle peeling of face and body with silk sleeves
Full body massage
Vitamin canapés

Sauna, swimming pool, lounges and a private beach is available to all visitors of DANAI BEAUTY & SPA.



• Therapeutic sports massage of the whole body has the effect of deep penetration into the tissues of the body, warms the muscles, and makes the joints more mobile (60 min)
• Massage the back of the body relieves tension and blockade (45 min)
• Massage of the forearm and back (25 min)

Relaxing lymphatic drainage massage of the lower extremities: improves blood circulation, removes toxins from the body, relieves stress and fatigue (30 min)
Light Ayurvedic body massage, including feet and hands. With the help of the fragrance of selected essential oils and mild pressure, all blockades and stresses will be lifted. The energy of the body will resume its function again. The rarest and most valuable essences, such as: rose, red sandalwood and ylang-ylang oils, were specially selected to give the most exquisite pleasure, caressing your skin, which after massage will become more silky and elastic (90 min).

"BEAUTY AND SOUL" for women (2 days)
Tea to remove waste from the body (Gruber tea beauty)
Brush massage of the body along the meridians
Body Scrub (with seaweed or aloe vera)
Bath with sea salt free from slags and toxins
Mont Wrap After Mud Wrap
Lymphatic drainage facial massage
Relaxing and firming facial mask

"BEAUTY AND SOUL" for men (2 days)
Tea to remove toxins from the body
Brush massage of the body along the meridians
Body Scrub
Refreshing skin and stress-relieving bath
Mont Halit mud wrap, color therapy and hydro massage in our sea shell
Lymphatic drainage facial massage
Relaxing and toning back massage

An intensive anti-cellulite body treatment with a massage glove improves muscle tone and improves blood circulation. The subsequent Mont Halit mud wrap, relaxing foot massage and rubbing of anti-cellulite cream promotes the burning of salts, fats and the removal of toxins from the body.

• Full body wrap for detoxification and foot massage (45 min)
• "Exhale" the skin and give it elasticity will help tightening the "problem" areas wrap with a relaxing foot massage.
• Cellulite Coaktiv cream and massage glove for further treatment at home (60 min)

Time for dream ...
Enjoy the energy flow from the brush massage. Our therapeutic baths will help you relax and relieve fatigue. Scrub removes the upper "old" layers of cells from the skin and makes room for a new, young skin. Fragrant body masks will make your skin soft and silky.

  • "CLEOPATRA" Feel like a queen in a bath with milk and honey
  • "PARADISE" luxurious nourishing bath with natural aroma and rose petals
  • "MEERESBRISE" refreshing bath with sea salt, helps to eliminate toxins and improves skin elasticity, peeling with olive oil, sea salt and essential oils
  • "EXOTIC" aromatic coconut or orange bath with essential Tri Dosha oils, brings the mind, body and soul into harmony

Time to pamper yourself
"FACIALS" Cosmetic procedure for the face with an individually selected face massage, mask with active substances, ampoule, peeling, face cleansing and eyebrow correction (90 min.)
"HYDRO WELLNESS" Refreshing after-sun treatment with a lifting effect. This relaxing massage gives you an extraordinary feeling: "you seem to be standing under a waterfall" and activates the action of the algae concentrate, which will transform dry and fading skin into a pattern that is not recognizable. Evening primrose and Shea oils will smooth out wrinkles and make the skin more elastic and resilient (90 min).
"AYURASAN FACE" Aromarelax massage of the face and head with the casting of warm oil. Gives a feeling of cleansed and silky skin (90 min)

"SYMPHONIE" Deeply penetrating skin care with a whole orchestra of virtuoso ingredients for dazzling beautiful skin. Let yourself be seduced by the luxury of this unique procedure with soy isoflavones and algae extracts that are similar in action to natural female hormones, your skin will shine brighter, it will become younger and healthier . The unique "Tensionline" massage and "Push-up Vlies Mask" with a smoothing and tightening skin effect are the main events of this procedure (90 min).

"Irresistible look" This gentle and relaxing eye massage has a complex effect on the skin around the eyes, effectively reduces puffiness and swelling, smoothes small wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes disappear by improving microcirculation (30 min).
"Time for mom" Relaxing aromatherapy therapy for a future mom, with a cast of warm Ayurvedic oil. "Both of you" will be delighted (75 min).
"MEN XO POWER" for men only Special care for men who care about their health, want to relax, get rid of stress and tension. Intensive massage of the scalp, face, forearm and hands activates blood circulation, helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body (75 min).
"MEN XO VITALITY" try and you will not regret. This procedure takes into account the structure of the male skin, a refreshing mask and an intense facial massage (60 minutes).

Delicate care for the beauty of the hands and feet

SPA Manicure De Luxe
Spa hand care with peeling, massage and hand mask, without pedicure
Including manicure (60 min)
French manicure (60 min)

SPA Pedicure De Luxe
Spa foot care, with peeling, massage and foot mask, without pedicure

Including pedicure (60 min)
French pedicure (60 min)
Quick rest for arms and legs
Nail polishing
Mask for feet
Hand mask

Mild hair removal
Legs knee-deep, legs fully, armpits and bikini, upper lip and chin, torso, back

Individual facial massage with active. concentrate
Eyelash coloring
Eyebrow color
Eyebrows and eyelashes
Day makeup
Belle epoque


"CHAMPAGNER" Cosmetics for the most compelling (3,5 hours)
Champagne for the bride
Cosmetic procedure for the bride (see the 5-day program, plus coloring eyebrows and eyelashes)
Relaxing bath, peeling and body wrapping
Lifting neckline
Manicure and paraffin hand mask
Spa foot care, with peeling, massage and foot mask

"CHAMPAGNER FOR TWO" (1 Day or overnight)
Greeting in the wedding suite (not included in the program price)
Bathroom for two with champagne and fruit canapes MEN XO cosmetic procedure
Cosmetic Bride Skin Care
Brush massage of the body along the meridians
Body wrap for bride and groom
Manicure or pedicure

Additional Information

  • Access to the sauna, swimming pool, relaxation room and private beach is free for all visitors of DANAI SPA.
  • You will receive a fluffy bathrobe for the duration of your stay in the Spa.
  • SPA is not responsible for the loss of jewelry and valuables, so it is best to store them in a safe located in your room.
  • Better adjust the body and mind, we recommend to come 5 minutes before the start of a cosmetic session.
  • If you want to visit a hairdresser, you must sign up for services in advance.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone during cosmetic procedures, so you can fully enjoy your free time.

    Beauty and massage treatments seven days a week from 10:00 - 21:00 
    Please order the procedures you want the day before.
    Hammam, sauna, steam room and pool are working for you: from 10:00 - 21:00

    Guests over 16 years old are allowed in the SPA.

Kasulik info

New - 2020!
Ultimate Beach Experience: striving for a better beach with new opportunities
Dine & Design: new trendy style of open-air restaurants
Limitless wine cellar: extension of the wine cellar
Home-made cheeses and meat products from our new smokehouse
Spacious outdoor kids club: holiday adventures, new friends and timeouts for moms and dads
Greek Masterchef Live: a new stylish table from the chef


Sithonia Peninsula, Nikiti, 2.5 km from Metamorfosi, 90 km from Macedonia Airport Thessaloniki.


Bed and Breakfast, Half Board

Tubade kirjeldus

Total 62 rooms: Junior Suites (~ 30-35 sq.m), Deluxe Junior Suites (~ 35-40 sq.m), Suites (~ 42-58 sq.m), Danai Suites (~ 75 sq.m), Two Bedroom Suites (~ 80 sq.m), Executive Two Bedroom Suites SV (~ 120 sq.m), Pool Suites Small Garden / SV (~ 55-60 sq.m), Suite Panorama 2-Bedroom SV (~ 145 sq.m) .m), Executive Suite Private Pool SV (~ 75 sq.m, a terrace with a pool - 60 sq. m), Honeymoon Executive Pool Suite SV (~ 75 sq. m, a terrace with a pool - 70 sq. m), Mediterranean Suites SV (~ 190 sq.m), Danai Villa SV (~ 195 sq.m), Green Pearl Villa SV (~ 450 sq.m), The Mandarin Villa SV (~ 750 sq.m), The White Villa SV (~ 950 sq.m), The Villa of the Blue Riviera SV (~ 450 sq.m), The Villa of the Greek Riviera.
Room amenities: air conditioning, heating, safe (free), minibar, satellite TV (Russian channel), Bose Wi-Fi music system, direct dial telephone, hairdryer, free Wi-Fi internet, marble bathroom (bathtub/ shower), luxurious bath set, bathrobes and slippers, furnished balcony / terrace.
Junior Suite (~ 30-35 sq.m) Combined living room and bedroom, double bed and sofa.
Deluxe Junior Suite (~ 35-40 sq.m) More spacious room, combined living room and bedroom, double bed and sofa.
Suite (~ 42-58 sq.m) Combined bedroom and living room, in some suites - marble fireplace, double bed.
Danai Suite (~ 75 sq.m) Combined bedroom and living room with fireplace, double bed, sofa, spacious terrace, 2 bathrooms.
Two Bedroom Suite (~ 80 sq.m) 2 bedrooms, 2 double beds, a sofa, one of which with a seating area, 2 bathrooms, a large balcony.
Executive Two Bedroom Suite (~ 120 sq.m) Sea view. 2 bedrooms, one of which with a living area, 2 bathrooms, large balcony.
Suite Panorama 2-Bedroom SV (~ 145 sq.m) Sea view. 2 bedrooms, 2 double beds, one of which with a living area, sofa, 2 bathrooms, large balcony.
Pool Suite (~ 55-60 sq.m) Small garden, private heated pool. Combined bedroom and living room with glass wall, double bed, sofa, view of the private terrace, heated pool. Bathroom with bathtub and shower.
Executive Suite Private Pool SV (~ 75 sq.m, terrace with a pool - 60 sq.m) Rooms with a large terrace and a private heated pool (fresh water), direct sea view. Separate bedroom and living room with fireplace, double bed, sofa, marble bathroom with bathtub and shower, Hi-fi stereo.
Honeymoon Executive Pool Suite (~ 75 sq.m, a terrace with the pool - 70 sq.m) Rooms with a large terrace and a private heated pool (fresh water), direct sea view. Separate bedroom and living room with fireplace, double bed, sofa. Marble bathroom with bathtub and shower, Hi-fi stereo.
Mediterranean Suite (~ 190 sq.m) Sea view, large balcony, floor-to-ceiling window, sliding doors from the elegant living room, sofa, separate bedroom, double bed, fireplace, marble bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.
Danai Villa (~ 195 sq. M.) Hillside villa, private terrace with private heated pool, direct sea view. 2 bedrooms, one with a glass wall, sea view, second bedroom with terrace view, 2 double beds, living room with fireplace, sofa, 2 bathrooms, 2 TVs.
Green Pearl Villa (~ 450 sq.m) Two luxurious bedrooms with breathtaking sea views (silk, linen and high quality cotton), warm colors. The first bedroom has a white marble fireplace in a neoclassical style, which is decorated with art deco crystals, candlesticks and a handmade mirror. Each bedroom has its own marble bathroom; handmade wooden (retro style) secretary, king size double bed, soft pillows. One of the bathrooms has a wide window overlooking the garden, a hydromassage shower, a transparent glass door and a large bathtub. Heated swimming pool with night lighting, sea view, garden.
The Mandarin Villa (~ 750 sq.m) 2 bedrooms, 2 double beds, 2 bathrooms (bath and shower), marble fireplace, antique Venetian mirrors, coral table, lounge with kitchenette, dressing room. Spacious two-level terraces overlooking the sea, where there is a four-poster bed by a private heated pool and a dining area, an outdoor whirlpool. On the lower level there is another 1 bedroom and a bathroom (for servants, nannies, security guards).
The White Villa (~ 950 sq.m) Two-storey villa. 4 bedrooms, 4 double beds, 4 bathrooms, kitchenette, dining table and chairs, living room with marble fireplace. A spacious luxurious two-level terrace with sea views (on the upper level there is a private heated pool), luxurious sofas and armchairs, a four-poster bed, and on the lower terrace (overlooking the sea) there is an outdoor jacuzzi.
The Villa of the Blue Riviera (~ 450 sq.m) Garden (~ 700 sq.m) - lemon and orange trees, pine trees. Private pool, outdoor jacuzzi, beautiful patio in the garden. 3 spacious bedrooms, 3 double beds, two marble bathrooms, 2 additional WC, a huge living room with its own bar and kitchen. A piano in the living room offers an alternative for a private dinner (upon request).
The villa has its own wellness center, next to the bedroom. Relaxing cozy massage beds, marble bath, elegant sofa, works of art.
The sliding roof of the living room allows guests to dream under the Greek blue sky. The villa offers a luxurious comfortable stay.
The Villa of the Greek Riviera 2 villas together - The Green Pearl Villa (450 sq.m) & Danai Villa (195 sq.m). Luxurious two-story villa, stunning views of the Mediterranean. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 heated pools, indoor and outdoor dining areas. Refined style, spacious dressing rooms, bathrooms made of the best Italian marble, bathtubs with hydromassage and shower with hydromassage. Luxurious living rooms with refined upholstered furniture. On the lower level there is a pool with a dining table and chairs, a wide staircase leads to the upper level with a second pool and a large lounge in the open air.
Cleaning service - 2 times a day, in the rooms - fresh flowers.
Butler services are available for villas (upon request).

Keel: Estonian