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Ski tours in Borovets 2022-2023

Borovets - Bulgaria's largest ski resort with a long and interesting history. Founded in 1896, it was a favorite holiday destination the Bulgarian kings and courtiers, who came here to have fun and hunt, thanks to the nature that has given the benefit of the amazing beauty of Borovets.

Resort is located on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountain at an altitude of 1300 meters, at the foot of the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkans Musala (2925m). Prior to Sofia from here is only 70 km away and the second largest city in the country Plovdiv - 120 km. Picturesque pine forests that cover the slopes of Rila, a magnificent necklace of seven mountain lakes with crystal water surrounded by majestic peaks and the air laden with the scent of pine needles attract tourists here in the summer. But when at the end of November the first snow falls here, Borovets becomes magical snowy fairy tale, which continues until the end of April. At this time, here flock lovers of winter sports, for which here all the conditions have been created.

Borovets Ski Resort consists essentially of three zones for skiing, the maximum height difference between them reaches 1209 meters: Sitnyakovo, Yastrebets and Markudjik. Ski fans can enjoy 24 slopes of different difficulty levels. Their total length is 58 km. In Sitnyakovo there are located slopes for beginners and intermediate level skiers. Yastrebets with 3 red and 1 black pistes is better suited to skiers with an average level of training. In Markudzhik, at an altitude of 2208-2543 meters, you can find red and blue pistes. The longest ski route in Borovets continues for 12 km.

The resort offers many opportunities for lovers of other winter sports. There are 2 ski jumps with length of 50 m and 75 m, 18 special pistes for snowboarding, pistes for cross-country skiing and slalom. It offers for skiers 16 lifts: 1 gondola, 7 drag lifts, "Sitnyakovo", "Markudjik 1", " Markudjik 3", " Markudjik 0", "Rila", "Iglika" and "Rotata; 4 rope "Sitnyakovo Express", "Yastrebets Express," " Markudjik 2", "Martinovi Baraki" and several mini-lifts. They work from 9 am to 16.30. Night skiing is also available.

For children at the resort there is a ski school where experienced instructors teach them the basics of skiing, at a time while their parents experienced at pistes for adults.

The climate in the resort is perfect for winter sports. The air temperature rarely falls below - 5 ° C, and the snow depth reaches 1.5 meters. The snow lies from December till the very end of April.

Borovets - ski resort, known not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. It has twice carried out stages of the International Cup in alpine skiing, and in 1993, the resort was the place of the Biathlon World Cup.

Leisure and entertainment (Apres ski)

Borovets - it's not just the snow, skiing and sports. It features recreation, entertainment and excursions. After closing of pistes life at the resort never stops, but on the contrary, it becomes even more interesting and lively. Numerous bars and taverns are waiting for guests and prepared special programs with surprises and adventures.

After a hard day full of sports and impressions, you can spend time in nightclubs, dance in the disco or sit in a cozy restaurant, fun and enjoyable mehana, which serve traditional Bulgarian dishes and European cuisine. A special unique flavor gives the resort its famous ski carnival, which is held weekly at night. Bright lights, colorful costumes, sparkling snow and carefree fun make one of the most unforgettable experiences that tourists take away with them from Borovets.

Visit to Borovets is a great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Bulgaria. From here you can take a trip to the former royal hunting residence, take a ski trip to the Rila Lakes, the top of Musala and Malyovitsa, visit the Orthodox monastery of Rila, make a trip to Sofia, Plovdiv and Melnick, to admire their wonderful monuments. You can take part in a "photo safari" or a panoramic tour on a helicopter, ride around the resort on a sled. You will be offered the evening of Bulgarian folklore, tasting of wine and Bulgarian cuisine and lots of different other entertainments to suit all tastes.

In Borovets you will surely have an unforgettable winter vacation!

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