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Ski resorts in Bansko 2022-2023

Bansko - Balkans's skiing gem

The picturesque mountain town of Bansko is situated in one of the most beautiful places in Southern Bulgaria - on the slopes of the Pirin Mountains , a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, between Rila and Rodopi Mounts. Over the last decade, it became a popular ski resort for both European and Bulgarian tourists. It's fame has spread far beyond the coutry's borders. 

Bansko is famous for its new and well-organized ski center, located at an altitude of 936 m above sea level. Its highest and lowest points are 2,600m and 990m respectively. This is undoubtedly the most modern ski center of all not only within Bulgaria but across Balkan countries as well. The construction of this unique winter resort - based on the most modern and advanced technologies-  is work of Austrian experts. 

Weather in Bansko

Average temperature, in January, ranges from 1 ° C to 9 ° C in the town,  whereas, in the mountains from 0 ° C to -16 ° C. Depth of snow, from December to May, frequently reaches 2 meters. Its quality is exceptional. The alpine climate allows the season in Bansko ski resort center to begin in December and last up to May. 

It is considered as a paradise for winter sports lovers with just 3-3.5 hours drive from Thessaloniki (only 210 km seperate Bansko from Sanolika city)

Lifts in Bansko

The center has the following modern lifts: 1 indoor (gondola lift); 8 chairlifts, 6 drag lifts and several ski lifts for children. 

Bansko Ski Runs 

The ski area has 75 km of ski runs. Bansko has exceptional skiing conditions. Pirin mountain has two peaks, the height of which exceed 2900 meters. It is on the slopes of these peaks, where the ski runs are located, for skiers and snowborders of all levels, from beginners to most experienced ones,including all difficulty levels, with main tracks being Tomba and Bunderitza and for the experts - Ctzurna tomb. 

Romance and snowy fairytale

Bansko - a paradise, yet, not only for winter sport lovers. It is also a perfect destination for those who merely want to relax and escape from urban life. 

Bansko - a unique combination of excellent facilities for winter holidays, traditions and customs of Bulgaria's cultural and historical heritage. The famous resort offers a variety of modern hotels, comfortable and cozy apartments with their distinctive architecture, large and small taverns, and restaurants that serve tasty dishes of local, European and even Greek cuisine. All this, combined with excellent service and beautiful nature that mount Pirin offers, makes your visit and stay unforgettable. 

Bansko is not just a ski resort, it is also a remarkably beautiful city; a historic monument with many museums and both cultural and historical attractions. 

Bansko ski resort - Advantages: 


  • Once the ski runs stop operating, improvememt  and maintenance work is being carried out so that slopes are properly conserved. Also, before the openning of the ski runs, the level of the snow cover is being checked. These operations take place on a daily basis. 
  • The perfectly situated sunlilt peaks of Bansko ski resort allows skiing until the very late evening hours. Slopes are lighted constantly provinding safe landing even at night. 
  • Snow quality, well - groomed ski runs, snow depth of 2 meters. 
  • Artifical snow trails - trails are equipped with 160 snow cannons to ensure uniform cover even in the absence of precipitation.
  • Ski equipment shops are available. There is no need to worry if the appropriate skiing and snowboarding outfit has not been brought. Shops and rental places exist and offer a variety of branded equipment combining good quality and reasonable price. The rental of your clothing/equipment can take place either in the city or at the ski center. 
  • People's hospitality and friendliness, the lack of the language barrier - most Bansko instructors fluently speak English and have international certificates. 
  • Fan Park (Snowpark) for "on stage" snowborders. 
  • Ski and Snowboard schools for all ages and all skill levels.Children trails and kindergartens. Bansko ski resort - the perfect choice for families with children. Excellent conditions are present for young lovers of winter sport offering high quality holidays. The resort has a ski school, experienced instructors which carefully take care of children and adolescents, providing not only a lot of positive impressions and emotions from skiing, but also a significant increase in their skills for a few days stay in Bansko. Ski kindergarten for children older than 4 years, operates  at the station "Banderishka Glade."  There are two routes for children with children's ski lifts, ski carousels and rolling tracks.
  • Entertainment: SPA center, water park, a wide range of snowbars on the runs, wooden chalets and ski openning parties, several  beautiful and convenient ski bars lacated throughout the length of the ski runs. An adventurous day can end up in one of the several relaxing and warming restaurants. The fun can be continued in bars and nightclubs that are open untill the eraly morning hours. Within easy reach, the following are also available: water park, ice skating field, as well as bowling and biliard facilities, that will all draw the attention of everyone. 
  • An amazing combination Bansko's ancient and present history - it's not just a ski resort, but also a remarkably beautiful city, a historic monument, with many museums and historical attractions. Inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
  • The extraordinary natural beauty of Bansko. "Koncheto", "Banki Suhodol" one of the few high-altitude shelters in Bulgaria, caves such as "Banderitsa" and "Kazana" - the deepest in the country, the natural reserve "Ulen", crystal lakes (more than 100) - attractions that deserve attention and worth visiting.


Bansko - sport and relaxation, enjoyment and entertainment, always an exciting mix of prepared runs, modern tourist infrastructure, important historical and cultural attractions, natural beauty and hospitality. Anyone who has ever been in Bansko, certainly will come back again!

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